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Karyn & Roy's First Meeru Holiday 2-17 February 2012 
PostPosted: Thu Feb 23, 2012 4:47 pm Reply with quote
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Thursday 2 February

The day has finally arrived! We arrived at Birmingham Airport with plenty of time to spare which was lovely. We had a wander around the shops (not really a huge amount of choice) and then went for a full English breakfast and before we knew it, the time had gone and we were boarding our Emirates flight to Dubai. Roy and I had reserved one of the sets of 2 seats towards the back of the plane which we’d definitely do again. A very comfortable flight with excellent and friendly service.

Friday 3 February

We landed in Dubai shortly after midnight. We’d got just over 3 hours to kill before getting the connecting flight to Male. By the time we’d disembarked the plane, been transferred by bus to the main terminal building and gone through security again, one of those hours had already passed! We literally had a little walk around, had a drink and before we knew it we were boarding for the final leg of our journey. We knew that Loobieloo from the forum would be sat in row 16 with her husband. As there are 10 seats in total in row 16, it was a matter of elimination to find out who she was! Fortunately, I got it right first time so didn’t make an idiot of myself! It was lovely to finally put a face to the name.

When we arrived in Male, we were very quickly through customs and onto the speedboat. I must confess that the motion of the boat rocked both Roy and I into a little snooze but I was wide awake by the time our island paradise for the next 14 days came into view.

We arrived on the island at around 10am and were taken to one of the bars for registration. We were offered a refreshing drink and a cool towel. Perfect. Our first impression of our first trip was excellent - the colours of the ocean far surpassed anything we had seen before.

Mark our Kuoni rep came and sat with us to explain that our Water Villa wasn't available until the next morning and they could offer us a downgrade to a Jacuzzi Beach Villa. To compensate we were offered a free meal for two at the Asian Wok, 50 dollars off our bill at the end of our holiday, a bottle of red wine and a basket of fruit. Thanks to the forum we were prepared and more than happy with the compensation we were offered.

We were taken to refurbished JBV 645 – wow! It certainly didn't feel like a downgrade. What a lovely spacious room and a huge garden/bathroom/Jacuzzi area. Our bed had been decorated with beautiful red flowers. We were delighted with our downgrade!

We had a stroll and a drink at one of the bars near main reception but tiredness got the better of us so we gave lunch a miss and retired to our room to catch up on some much needed sleep. We awoke and got showered and ready to meet Mark our Kuoni rep so he could tell us a bit more about the island. He was a lovely chap. We told him that more than anything we wanted to go on the Gomafulhu Cruise for 3 days/2 nights and that perhaps he could arrange it for us as we were more than happy to pack and give up our Water Villa.

After that we got the buggy up to the Uthuru Bar for a pre-dinner drink. It was lovely just sitting out on the deck listening to the sea. We then went for dinner in the Malaan. We met our waiter for the duration of our stay - a lovely amusing chap called Fazeel or Faz as he likes to be known. I was amused by his cockney accent! Faz explained that it was Maldivian night and asked if we liked spicy food - I'm not a fan but he told me not to worry and to try the beef curry as it was quite mild. I took his advice and thoroughly enjoyed it.

The array of food was amazing - no one could ever go hungry on Meeru! The desserts were beautiful and plentiful!

After dinner we went for a wander and ended up in the Pavilion Bar - for several drinks! We liked the atmosphere in the Pavilion and Sharif the waiter was very friendly.

At midnight we eventually went back to the room for a most wonderful night's sleep. The bed was huge and the pillows soft and comfy.

Saturday 4 February

We awoke and went to breakfast - wonderful choice again and my new addiction is the chocolate cookies (lovely with a mug of tea!)

After breakfast we went back to our room to pack our bags which only took a few minutes as we hadn't unpacked a lot for just the one night. We went to the north reception to swap our room key for Water Villa 525. Wow! Our bottom 2 steps were in the water it was just lovely. Roy went for a snorkel whilst I sat and surveyed the beauty of the ocean in front of me.

After unpacking and lunch, we ventured on our first circular walk of the island, stopping to talk to a lovely couple from Sunderland who were leaving that day. As we chatted by the water’s edge we saw a Titan Trigger Fish only a couple of metres offshore – the water was so clear I was able to video it. Further along, we came to the Asian Wok where we tried our first iced coffee with rum - too strong for me! Whilst there, we booked Teppanyaki for later on in the holiday. We went to the Uthuru –Roy went snorkelling I ordered us both toasted sandwiches. After eating those, I fell asleep in my chair; a sure sign that I’d quickly relaxed into our holiday! We went back to our room for a soak in the Jacuzzi. We had a call from Mark our rep with great news; the Gomafulhu cruise was available from Mon to Wed and he was giving us first option. We confirmed that we’d like to go and he put our name at the top of the list. I was jumping up and down in the room and squealing with excitement – we were going on the cruise!!! We went for dinner (the roast pork was divine) and again the desserts were far too nice! After that we had drinks at the Uthuru before retiring to our room.

Sunday 5th February

At breakfast we met Leanne (from the forum) and her boyfriend Paul. Roy and Paul had both signed up to play football at 4.30pm.

Roy and I went snorkelling opposite the Uthuru Bar. I’d not really snorkelled since I was a child and so I wanted Roy to try and show me the ropes and help me to gain a bit of confidence before going on the cruise. Time flies when you’re snorkelling and it also builds up a great appetite and so we were ready for our lunch when the time came.

We knew from the forum calendar that quite a few forum members would be leaving Meeru on the Wednesday that we returned from the cruise and in particular we wanted to meet Pamela, Steve, Eleanor, Tony, Humble Jim and Pam. Their posts, photos and trip reviews are really to blame for my excitement at the prospect of holidaying on Meeru. … and Pamela’s cruise review, well what can I say – it was just fabulous and totally the reason for us having our cruise bags packed and ready before we’d even set off from home in Derbyshire!!!

We wandered along the beach after lunch in search of HJ as he’d mentioned which WV he was staying in. We approached the WV and HJ was indeed there … fast asleep on his sun lounger. We didn’t want to startle him and so remained in the sea and started gently calling ‘James’ in case he was just having a light snooze rather than a deep slumber. I think it was a deep slumber. Never mind, we now knew what he looked like and so decided we’d seek him out at dinner later.

Before long, it was time for the football. A game that the Meeru staff take very seriously indeed! I took my place on the WAGS bench alongside Leanne. Watching the pre-match build up was brilliant: on one side of the pitch there were the Meeru Staff, warming up like they were about to take on Brazil in a World Cup Final. On the other side of the pitch were the Meeru Guests, standing around discussing who should play where; some with arms folded, some with hands on hips, others lighting their final pre-match cigarettes!

The staff won 9-4.

Leanne and I spectated but I must confess that we missed most of the goals as we were busy watching the fruit bats above which are particularly active at this time of the day!

The men played a full 90 minutes and so afterwards Leanne, Paul, Roy and I went to recover with a few drinks at the bar. After 3 we decided it was time to go and get ready for dinner.

Roy and I stopped off at the Uthuru bar to try and find HJ. At the bar, we met Eleanor, Tony, Pamela and Steve and had a chat with them. Tony very kindly introduced us to HJ and Pam. It was so nice to be able to meet everyone. We had dinner and retired early to pack our cases for the second time. Again it didn’t take too long.

Monday 6 February - Cruise Day!

We went for breakfast and were required to leave our room by 11.15am. As already mentioned, we didn’t have to pack a cruise bag as we’d prepared those before we left the UK!! We went to the Kakuni bar and tried the cocktail of the day Cosmojito - mmmmmmmm! So we had to try another Smile

We saw some new arrivals but only 15 out of 50 guests had arrived from the UK because of the snow problems.

I knew from the forum that Ann and Forbes should be arriving today, so I left them a ‘Danglers’ Welcome Letter’ at main reception! I was keen to meet them as they’d frequented the same hotel in Kenya that Roy and I had got married in 15 years ago.

Before our departure we had time for a wander around the shop near main reception (the air con in there is fab!) We purchased a hardback copy of Reef Fishes of the Maldives as we thought it’d come in handy for the cruise and the rest of the holiday.

We boarded the beautiful Gomafulhu at 1pm and got cabin 5 fantastic! This cabin is at the back of the boat and has a window with a view over the ocean. It was spacious with plenty of storage, a nice double bed and an en-suite wetroom, together with air con.

After we were shown our cabins, we went back on deck and were given wine (and topped up several times!) Roy and I were the only Brits aboard. There were three French couples and a German couple. Within an hour I was the first to spot dolphins. I don’t think anyone believed me to start with and thought maybe the wine had affected my eyesight. It wasn’t the wine-goggles though; I was right, a pod of about 10 dolphins with young were indeed about to join us. They swam alongside us for a while and jumped out of the water. Fantastic!

We went to a sandbank for snorkelling but I ended up staying on the sand and just paddling rather than snorkelling as I wasn’t feeling too confident and didn’t want to slow everyone else down.

We returned to the boat for a snack of tuna toasties – lovely. The staff just kept bringing more and more plates out! Then cake. After this it was time to try some fishing whilst watching the sun dip down towards the glimmering ocean. Only Roy and one of the French chaps caught anything.

According to the crew, it is obligatory to drink Champagne whilst fishing! Our glasses were never empty for long and ‘top ups’ were frequent. After fishing, dinner was served. A huge selection of fish, curries, salads, rice, potatoes. A banquet!

After dinner, out came the cards. Two of the three French couples played amongst themselves whilst the rest of us played with the other deck of cards - a pack of UNO!!!

Mohammed, one of the crew joined in and we played until just after midnight. UNO really helped to bring all our different nationalities together and we had a great time. The wine was flowing and spirits were high.

Tuesday 7 February

The breakfast bell was sounded outside our cabin at 8am. We all convened around the dining table and shared how we had slept. Nobody had slept particularly well due to the noise of the generator combined with the smell of fumes. We didn’t care though; we were bobbing about on a beautiful boat somewhere in the Indian Ocean!

Breakfast was amazing - croissants, toast, honey, jam, omelette, juices, tea and coffee. As good as the breakfast in resort.

We headed off to Manta Point and spent a long time trying to locate the mantas but to no avail, so we went off to turtle point instead. We all boarded the little boat. I got a life jacket on and jumped into the ocean with my mask and snorkel. Zak the snorkel man was brilliant - he stayed by my side and didn't let go of my hand at all. For some reason I kept swallowing water and so decided to get back on the boat. Zak was so lovely - he located a turtle, dived under the water and encouraged it to the surface so that I didn't miss out. It was beautiful. He did this a couple of times. Roy said that he was so close to a turtle, that when he dived under the water he was actually able to swim with it for a few moments. Amazing.

After about an hour we went back to the boat for lunch as we made our way to Kagi Island.

As Kagi approached, its beauty had us all reaching for the cameras. On the island we had a couple of hours to snorkel, swim and sunbathe. We were so relaxed we fell asleep on the beach - Roy's snoring amused our new German friends Dennis and Natalie!

Back to the boat for more tea and fishing and of course, more Champagne! The sky was growing increasingly darker. I went for a shower and when I returned to the deck I had missed the rain. Roy said it hadn’t lasted long. After we’d all showered, we were taken back to Kagi Island for our full moon dinner. The island had been transformed and was beautifully lit with a long table decorated with flowers and palm leaves. The buffet banquet was outstanding. The crew knew that I wasn’t really a huge fan of fish and they had prepared many different alternatives. The roast beef was so succulent and delicious. After our meal and several wines we were shown to some seats set out on the beach and were entertained by the staff with their singing and drums. We all joined in dancing and some had a go playing the drums. We stayed on the island until quite late and were all a bit tipsy when we had to get onto the little boat to take us back to the Gomafulhu. Mohammed the boat driver was rocking the boat from side to side and found it highly amusing to watch us all screaming! It was hilarious and again, we were all in high spirits.

Back on the boat, more UNO and more vino!

We went to bed around midnight again.

Wednesday 8 February

Roy was up at 5am to go fishing with some of the crew. I settled back to sleep. He returned at 6.30am - zero fish caught!

Breakfast was again at 8am and we were heading back to Meeru. Everyone had a far better night’s sleep on the second night. Just before breakfast we were joined by a pod of four dolphins and they swam along with us for about 20 minutes, it was like they were showing off - jumping out of the water and swimming on their backs. Truly magical. Whilst sailing back to Meeru, we asked each member of the Gomafulhu Crew to write us a little message inside our Reef Fishes book – a permanent reminder of a perfect cruise.

We arrived back on Meeru at 10am and given the key to our new Water Villa room 520. It was identical to our previous room 525 but we preferred the location of this new room as we had a lot more beach to the side of us and a better panoramic view.

Our cases arrived within the hour and for the first time we properly unpacked. Roy made me giggle as, unbeknown to me, he’d had two t-shirts printed with ‘dangling in paradise’ printed on the back and he’d laid them both out on the bed whilst I wasn’t looking!!!

We hadn’t even been away a week and already we’d experienced one JBV, one cabin on a boat and two different WVs!! We felt like we’d been away for ages already.

Roy decided to swim down the beach to see if anyone was in our old room 525. He couldn't see anyone and started chatting to a couple in the sea. After they'd been talking for a while it turned out that he was talking to the new occupants of 525 and the added bonus was, it was the forum's Ann and Forbes who we‘d wanted to meet to discuss Kenya. Wow, what a coincidence!!! Roy called me over and we had a chat and agreed to meet later for the live music in the Dhoni bar.

We went for lunch and fell asleep on our sunbeds back at our WV. At around 4.30pm we went for a walk around the island and stopped for a dangle at the Asian wok to watch the sun set. We were joined by Julie (Loobieloo) and Mal, and she introduced us to Rick C and his wife Lynne. It was great to meet so many forum members – and all so friendly.

It was dark when we left the Asian Wok and they were setting up for the full moon dinner. We’d had ours the previous night on Kagi so weren’t bothered about booking for it. The people we spoke to who went to it absolutely loved it and said that the food was fantastic.

Dinner tonight was Mexican and I enjoyed a lovely chilli with rice. Not too spicy – just right for me! After this, we got the buggy to the Dhoni bar and joined Ann and Forbes. The live music was fantastic - Coldplay, Maroon 5, Kings of Leon and even a bit of heavy metal. They even played our wedding song from 15 years previous – Stand by Me by Ben E King. A lovely moment.

By the time we had finished drinking and the music had stopped, we'd missed our ‘last buggy home’ so had to walk. Hilarious! We all ended up wading through the sea – Ann and I with our maxi dresses tucked into our knickers to keep them from getting wet!!! How terribly ladylike! Very Happy

Once we got back to our room Roy and I sat on our balcony and watched an amazing electrical storm in the distance. We’d had another basket of fruit delivered, and a note which congratulated us on our honeymoon!!!!! Our bed had been decorated again.

Thursday 9 February

We were up just in time for breakfast. I was fine but I think Roy's G & T’s from the previous night had got the better of him! Very Happy Back at the WV, the lady in the WV next to us came and asked if I was Karyn. It was Heidi (littlelef) from the forum!

I’m now beginning to wonder if February has the highest concentration of forum members all there at the same time!

It was pretty cloudy today and it rained which is apparently unusual for February. It didn’t bother us in the slightest. We knew how cold it was in the UK and so weren’t complaining!

We went to the Duniye overwater spa – an amazing experience. We turned the clock back 15 years and had the ‘Honeymoon Indulgence’! Once I'd got over the initial hysterical giggles at seeing Roy in a pair of paper pants, we soon relaxed into our experience.

The treatment began with a Balinese foot massage out on the overwater balcony. After that we were taken back into the room and took our places on our treatment couches – looking down through the panel of glass in the floor, into the ocean below. It was the ultimate in relaxation.

Roy opted for the more strenuous Swedish massage whilst I chose the more relaxing, gentle Balinese massage. After this we both had a ‘body pack’ applied – mine was chocolate and made me look like I’d been mud-wrestling – time for Roy to get his own back with the laughter! After we’d showered and removed the body packs, we were taken out onto the balcony and climbed into the Jacuzzi, where we were served Ginger tea and fruit. After around 20 minutes we were taken back into the room and had a Frangipani body lotion applied. The aroma was beautiful – my wedding flowers in Kenya were Frangipani and so it was a lovely, but coincidental touch.

After dinner, we retired early to bed – the spa treatment had turned us both into zombies!

Friday 10 February

At last, we’ve been here a whole week and yet we seem to have done so much! When we booked to go to Meeru, a few friends said “Ooh, won’t you get bored going there?” Bored??? I am a self-confessed bookworm and yet I hadn’t even switched my Kindle on once in the whole time we’d been there. On any other holiday, I would’ve read about 3 to 4 books by the halfway stage!

Again, the weather today wasn’t too great – it was still hot but very cloudy. Still, we were happy.

We made our way from our WV the short distance to The Pavilion Infinity Pool. There weren’t many people there at all and we had our pick of sun loungers. After a little while, a group of 4 people walked by and sat on some loungers nearby. We got chatting, and through conversation I realised that I was talking to JulesD, another one from the forum!

We all had a few tipples during the day. At night, we were booked into the Asian Wok for Teppanyaki (free as part of our downgrade compensation). What a fabulously entertaining evening! The chef’s talents knew no bounds and he had us clapping and cheering all evening with his tricks and skills. The food was absolutely delicious; we’d both opted for the assorted meats and it was some of the most succulent meat I had ever eaten.

Following the meal, we decided to head off to The Pavilion for a nightcap before bed.

Saturday 11 February

A lazy day at the WV and on the beach today. It was a scorcher and the sky was back to blue. My Kindle emerged for the first time since we’d arrived. We only ventured out for breakfast, an afternoon snack and dinner. We popped to the disco but only stayed for one drink.

Sunday 12 February

A serious day indeed …. Football Day!! Faz our waiter had taken it upon himself to become Roy’s personal coach and I’d had a quiet word with him and told him that as part of his coaching duty, he should really only serve Roy with water to help with his pre-match build-up!

At lunch, I urged Roy to ask Faz for a beer. Roy demonstrated and said that he didn’t want a beer because he was playing football later. I pushed him and said ‘Trust me, just ask Faz for a beer.’ He did. Faz’s response, “I think you might be better with a water mate, you’re playin’ football later innit”!!! Hilarious!

Quite a few of the players from last week’s team were still around to play today’s game and a lot of newcomers came along to help strengthen a determined Guest team. The Meeru Guests looked sharp and ready – Jason, the manager had done a sterling job over the previous days and team morale was at its peak.

The crowd attendance was at a record high; the Guests had it all to play for. A Guest victory is a rarity. Well, Leanne, myself and the rest of the crowd were thrown into a victorious frenzy, yes VICTORY was ours! 6-4 to the Guests. Attendance: 20.

After the game, came the presentation of the trophy. A momentous occasion for Meeru’s Guests.

Celebrations ran deep into the evening, with drinks at the bar until around 7pm! We all got ready for dinner and then re-convened in the Uthuru Bar before dinner.

It was Leanne and Paul’s last night tonight – it’s always horrible saying goodbyes. Crying or Very sad

NB: I didn’t keep my journal for the rest of the holiday (I was too busy!) and so you’ll be pleased to know that this is where my trip report peters out. I’ve listed below just some of the highlights of our remaining days:

Pitch n Putt - We went along with Ann and Forbes and I can honestly say that what ensued were some of the funniest moments of our holiday on Meeru so far. Laughing Fortunately, for the majority of our time on the course, we were alone and so only had to take cover from each other!

A really enjoyable couple of hours was followed by much needed refreshments on the Goma. A beautiful sunset was our reward at the end of the day. Highly recommended.

Glass Bottom Boat – Again we joined Ann and Forbes and the four of us were taken out from the Water Sports centre in a small boat with a large glass bottom panel. We were taken to the house reef and saw some magnificent species of fish and some giant clams too. Roy’s book came in handy as he was able to identify a lot of the fish for us. I think he quite fancies himself as a ‘Glass Bottom Boat Guide’ in years to come!

Sunset Punch Cruise – Free and fantastic! We had booked this cruise for the last evening of our holiday and were joined by Ann and Forbes and Jackie and Ray (a couple we’d met on the Goma a couple of days previously).

It was a most wonderful way to round off the most wonderful holiday. Amazingly, it had been cloudy all day and about 30 minutes before the cruise was due to leave, the clouds disappeared to reveal the sun for the very first time that day. The dolphins were plentiful and the sunset didn’t disappoint. I found it difficult to hold back the tears as my mind wandered back over one of the most amazing holidays we’d ever had.

It was our first time on Meeru, but it’s definitely not our last.

PS. Ralph our room boy had been wonderful throughout our stay and he decorated our bed on several occasions including Valentine's Day. We decided to turn the tables on him on our last morning and this is what he found when he came to clean our room Very Happy

Well, if you're still awake, then I applaud you and thank you most sincerely for taking the time to read my very first Meeru trip report!

I've gained so much from this forum and so it's great to be able to give something back Very Happy

Karyn x


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PostPosted: Thu Feb 23, 2012 5:18 pm Reply with quote
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What a brilliant trip report and great photos. It sounds like you had the holiday of a lifetime.

What a suprise doing the 'thank you' in leaves, bet Ralph loved it Laughing

Phew, glad the cruise report lived up to your expectations Cool

Pamela x

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PostPosted: Thu Feb 23, 2012 5:31 pm Reply with quote
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Fantastic trip report karyn and lovely photos.....yet another victim of the bug Very Happy

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PostPosted: Thu Feb 23, 2012 5:40 pm Reply with quote
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What a fabulous report hun. That made me smile from start to finish and has made me long even more for a return trip. We are even contemplating a 10 day return later in the year as it was the best holiday ever.

Well done on a fantastic report and here's to banishing the Meeru blues


Vila May 13
Meeru Jan/Feb 12
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PostPosted: Thu Feb 23, 2012 6:10 pm Reply with quote
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Karyn that was a great report. I could have carried on reading for much longer without losing concentration.

Its always so good to read a nice long report, especially when its someones 1st visit. I love relooking at Meeru through the eyes of a 1st timer. Although after reading that Im not sure you will be a 1st timer for long!

Have you booked to go back yet?

Laughing Laughing Laughing

It sounds like you had the most amazing time with all the little extras making it that little bit more special for you. Thats the thing about Meeru, it always seems to suprise you with something evertime you go.

Thankyou again, that was a lovely read.



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PostPosted: Thu Feb 23, 2012 8:03 pm Reply with quote
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Hi Karyn and Roy

great trip report and it was lovely to meet you both. I am so glad you both enjoyed your time both on Meeru and the cruise.

Take care Smile

julie x


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PostPosted: Thu Feb 23, 2012 8:55 pm Reply with quote
Humble Jim
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Splendid report, brill photos with it, and it was great to find and meet you on Meeru too.

You should have woke me that first time you spotted me Very Happy !
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PostPosted: Thu Feb 23, 2012 9:50 pm Reply with quote
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Hi Karen, so glad you both enjoyed Meeru so much. Meeting yourselves and so many other forum members while we were there this time made it a bit more special. Here's to the next time.

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PostPosted: Thu Feb 23, 2012 11:13 pm Reply with quote
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Hi Karyn

Thank you soooo much for a brill trip report. I'm a newbie and we will be there for our honeymoon in another 32 sleeps and counting down. It was really informative as well as making me laugh and also have a little tearr of anticipation. So glad you enjoyed Meeru. I'm sure after being on this forum that we will love it too



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PostPosted: Thu Feb 23, 2012 11:49 pm Reply with quote
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Fantastic report and photos, thank you. Hope we get to do the cruise next time too, sounds brilliant! Smile


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PostPosted: Fri Feb 24, 2012 9:16 am Reply with quote
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Hi again Karyn,
That was a brilliant report - I wanted it to go on and on! I can't get enough of Meeru talk, and have been out this week and got brochures with a view to booking for next Feb already!
It's amazing how many coincidences there are too - we had an out of the blue text from a couple we met on a Caribbean holiday 13 years ago, and whom we had lost touch with - where are they at the moment !? - Meeru!!! Their 3rd visit - unbelievable Very Happy
Your photos are brilliant by the way, and the report on the cruise makes me want to try for it next time, although only if we go for longer than the week. We are thinking (well I am) of 9/10 days. There are no flights schedules available at the moment so can't make a definite decision as yet - has anyone else encountered that problem?
Hi to all members we were lucky enough to meet - hope you are all well, and hopefully we will meet others of you - NEXT YEAR Very Happy

Julie x
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PostPosted: Fri Feb 24, 2012 2:39 pm Reply with quote
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What a brill report! We were there some of the same time as you, am sorry to say I didn't see you though Sad

We're booking two weeks for next Feb as it was so wonderful!

I hope you don't have as bad a case of the Meeru blues as we do at the mo though Sad

Becky x
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PostPosted: Fri Feb 24, 2012 3:07 pm Reply with quote
Steve from Durham
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Cracking read and great photos....Know what you mean about Faz and his cheeky chappie waiter

here's a photo I took of him while he was off duty


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PostPosted: Fri Feb 24, 2012 10:32 pm Reply with quote
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Hi Karyn,

What a fab trip report, I didn't want it to end !! We are going back to Meeru for our 2nd visit on Sunday and we are sooooooooo excited, even more so after reading your trip report Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy

Angela & Chris


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PostPosted: Sat Feb 25, 2012 1:12 pm Reply with quote
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Hi Karyn and Roy and thanks for the great report and pics

Glad we got to meet you two Danglers and at the bar of course. Isn't it nice to meet so many meeru friends, even if you don't know what they look like until you meet them.

Sounds like you had a fantastic holiday with memories to last a lifetime and so pleased you had the opportunity to go on the wonderful cruise. All the crew make it something quite special and you just can't help loving Mr Snorkle Man who really looks after you in the sea. Pam and I just paddled around the sand spit too - I have snorkled the reef before and you did right to look on; it's quite a way around and can be tiring for us more novice snorklers. We had Faz too and we had plenty of laughs at meal times which seemed to get longer and longer each day.

Know what you mean about getting bored. I always thought I would hate being on a relatively small island with nothing to do. I never finished one book the first time we went - time just goes sailing by with eating, drinking, sunbathing and snorkling.

Guess you will have the Meeru bug so may see you in the sun again.

best wishes

Eleanor and Tony Cool

Take only memories, leave only footprints in the sand

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Karyn & Roy's First Meeru Holiday 2-17 February 2012 
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