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Back to Paradise 
PostPosted: Sat Nov 01, 2014 5:19 pm Reply with quote
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Well after almost 3 years of not visiting Meeru due to some health reasons finally returned at a different time of year.

Flew with Emirates as usual from Newcastle with no problems what so ever.

Arrived on Meeru to a cloudy day. Had requested room 225 and for the first time ever actually got the room we requested. We had friends there who had arrived a few days before us and had asked if we could be in a room near to them. They were in 224 and werenít aware that we had requested 225 so it could have been coincidental but what ever it didnít matter.

Our room wasnít ready as it was early so once checked in we had a coffee and chat with friends and then had some lunch and our room was ready. Whilst we were chatting I mentioned earlier it was cloudy, a word of warning donít under estimate the strength of the sun behind those clouds. It burnt me and the area was sore for the rest of the holiday. Lesson learnt.

This time we went in October as we find the beginning of the year far to hot. Weather was very variable, unpredictable and we got the lot, intense heat, torrential rain and wind. This year we hung out around the dhoni pool as there was a nice breeze around that side of the island. They have some really nice sun beds around the pool now and ever so comfortable. The waiters kept us topped with ice cold drinks and of course iced coffee (still scrumptious). In our 7 visits this was the first time we had been round any pool and I enjoyed it. It could be noisy due to amount of children that were there but as long as they were playing even if they were being noisy they were no problem. It was only the odd few who spoilt it screaming and shouting cos they couldnít have there own way. Some changes here to the bar. It is now sunken, with some day beds and fancy chairs. Outside on the decking the chairs are more comfortable, no more plastic cushions giving you a sweaty bum. Day beds and seats on the beach in front of the decking. Only lighting was coloured lamps that changed colour, whole area remained very dim. We couldnít understand why they had moved the pool to the other side of the bar but it was only when we were talking to Azeem that he explained they had moved the bar over to the other side of the pool.

The food was lovely as usual still plenty to choose from and as others have said a small selection of Chinese food each mealtime and at times very nice. Dumplings for brekky if you want. The Asian wok al a Carte was supreme as usual and we visited twice.

How did we spend our days. Well it wasnít hard to lay in the sun drinking ice cold drinks, reading in the villa when it was raining cats and dogs, swimming in the sea, eating and basically doing naff all. Loved it. Mal would walk around the island a few times a day, I declined to join him..

Walked up to the adult end of the island one night for a drink, it was very quiet so didnít stay long. Spent our nights in the Donhi bar. Have to stay didnít visit any of the other bars apart from the hot rock one afternoon to drop off a parcel. Still have the contemporary band on once a week.

The staff is still barmy about football but lost both matches whilst we were there. Some excellent players on the guest team.

Spa what can you say. Always have an Aloe Vera Wrap at end of holiday as it maintains your tan. Usually have other treatments as well but I actually couldnít be bothered.

Changes to the Island

Lots of different nationalities. German, Russians, and Chinese. The Brits were a minority. Some were rude especially the Chinese who hardly ever said please or thank you. Some didnít know how to stand in a queue. Told a couple of them to get to the back of the queue. The Chinese were funny, just walked around the island taking photos of them selves posing using scarfs and hats and holding out there arms, but they were harmless.

Lots of children again all different nationalities.

The Dhoni bar has changed places. Beach Villas refurbished since we were there which was lone over due.

Lots of different staff but they were all still lovely and chatty and took care of us.

The island was very busy back-to-back cruises being run and offers of trips to Vila towards the end of out holiday. All taken up again mainly by the different nationalities. Would have gone to Vila but the date wasnít right

No mishaps this year, didnít fall into the sea off a boat.


I still find some of the reception staff obnoxious little ------. The staff on the rest of the island are so pleasant down to the gardeners but some of these people seem to think that they are some one special.

Had to leave the island 2.5 hrs earlier supposedly due to bad weather ????? It wasnít that bad as the sunset cruise still went ahead but it didnít the night before due to the weather and the boat left at the normal time for the airport.

I booked the hotel in the airport and when we checked in advised I had booked us into terminal 1 the ironary of it was that we passed the hotel as we landed in terminal 1 and caught the train over to three. So for those of you booking the hotel, concierge A is terminal 1, concierge B and C is terminal 3. Fortunately they had a spare room but the plonkers woke us up an hour early, which we didnít realise. We thought we were late and that every one had checked in and the people sat waiting were for a different flight. It was when they told us check inn wasnít open till another 30 minutes that we realized they had woken us up to early.
Meeru draws you back time after time. Will we be back next year. Oh yes just waiting for them to release Oct/Nov as this time of the year suited us so much better. Despite the variability of the weather we really enjoyed it as it wasnít constant heat.

The Maldives is what paradise is all about. Cool Laughing sunny sunny sunny sunny sunny sunny sunny sunny sunny sunny sunny sunny sunny sunny sunny Fishing Cooking Nemo


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PostPosted: Sat Nov 01, 2014 6:33 pm Reply with quote
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Thank you for taking the time to post a trip report. It's always great to read about other peoples holidays.

Glad you have a good holiday - off to earn more Meeru tokens? Very Happy
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PostPosted: Sun Nov 02, 2014 9:54 am Reply with quote
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Thanks Loobieloo, at last an up to date trip report after such along time, good points and some not so good. Glad though that it ticks all the boxes for you. Still a glorious place.....
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PostPosted: Sun Nov 02, 2014 3:43 pm Reply with quote
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We've mostly dealt with reception staff at North of island and found them to be fine!



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PostPosted: Mon Nov 03, 2014 6:07 pm Reply with quote
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An excellent trip report which Ive just read out to the missus coming through the door from work!

This is why a Meeru return was on the cards for us next year.

Paid the balance yesterday.

Meeru Videos in a playlist -

Meeru & Friends Photos -

Maayafushi 4, Kuredu 1, Dhonveli 1, Reethi 1, Meeru 5, Cocoon booked for Nov 2019
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Back to Paradise 
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