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First Time Trip Report + Euro Divers 
PostPosted: Mon Apr 04, 2016 5:29 pm Reply with quote
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Stayed for 12 nights fantastic Feb/ March 2016, 4 weeks later I still can't cope with how fab this place is. This was our first time to Maldives after several years of visiting the Caribbean.

Firstly we got the direct BA flights out of Gatwick. The shine is wearing off BA (but that's another review). It wasn't horrendous but compared with Emirates they just aren't in the same league any more for style, seats, food and drink or entertainment system. Next time we'll get the A380 and change in Dubai to break the trip up a bit.

Anyway, back to Meeru. After a long and uncomfortable night flight we rock up at Male airport. The views coming into the Maldives are incredible! Big Tick. We were met by our travel agent rep (Kuoni) at the airport who turned out to be living on Meeru so gave us the low down and we saw hima few times at the dive centre. We were asked to wait in a seating area for maybe 30mins before we were ready to board the boat.

The boat ride was fun and refreshing; they handed out much needed water on the aprox 50 minute trip. We loved seeing all the islands and other boats speed past.

Finally get to Meeru and we are feeling much perkier thanks to the boat trip, we are helped off the boat and our luggage is taken off for us. WOW. It's like paradise. Walking down the jetty towards the beach and its all white powdery sand, crystal clear water and people chilling out in the bar and on the beach.

We are whisked into a bar/ lounge and given a refreshing drink and towel. At this point I was expecting to have to fight tooth and nail for the Jacuzzi Water Villa that Id booked after reading so much about room allocation nightmares. No such problem. We filled in some paperwork for 20 mins whist having our drink, identified out luggage and were offered a lift to the North reception to get our room key. We decided to walk up to the North reception to get a feel for the place.

We walked past beach villas which looked amazing. We have been more than happy in one of those!

The place has a very relaxed feel to it. Staff say hello wherever you go, the center of the island it like a village with a Doctors, staff pool and accommodation - it was really lovely to see that the Staff are well looked after and happy in their work.

We were shown to our room directly and looked out at the crystal clear water surrounding our Jacuzzi Water Villa - Fantastic! The villa was large, airy and perfect. Be careful of strong currents on the North and South of the island, we saw a couple of people who had to be saved with the rescue kayak. There's no real danger because you just hand onto a buoyed until you're saved but weak swimmers beware.

The food was amazing and our waiter Ismale looked after us so well throughout our stay. We saw lots of couples not interacting with their waiters at all but if you just chat they are welcoming and very friendly. The quality and variety was ideal. We've been to massive resorts in the Caribbean and the variety can be overwhelming to a point where you don't really fancy anything. At Meeru it's perfect. 'Afternoon tea' aka 'Snacks' were also delicious. Go All Inclusive - you won't regret it. The cocktails are lethal but scrummy and the wine is more than adequate.

We completed the first part of our Open Water Diver certificate in the UK and had contacted Euro Divers about doing the Open Water Dives on Meeru. Everything from our initial greeting and kit check to our departing words was incredible. They give you a number and a box for the duration of your stay and all your kit is already on the boat waiting for you to put it together. We saw Sharks, Manta, Turtles, Moray and thousands or tropics on each and every dive. The instructors were knowledgeable and patient throughout. We loved going diving for the day and then watching the world go by on the top deck of the dive boat on route home - epic. We came a long way from being totally rubbish at our skills in the Lagoon on the first day to dive number 11 on our last day, growing in confidence and knowledge. They have Free Nitrox and you can also request to go to dive sites that you want by putting it on a board. My partner was a bit of 'fast breather' so they nick named him 'Footballer' and give him a 12L tank so he could stay down longer with me. I did a couple of dives without him at the end and I was Buddied up with a quite experienced bloke which was great from a variety point of view - I felt more than happy going with then as a single female diver. I hired a bike in the end so I could ferry myself from my room in the north end down the the dive center for morning dives. Kit was great, relatively new. Dive computers allocated to you for the whole stay too. Lunch on board was nice too and sweet tea readily available if you are doing multi tank trips. Go on their 'Manta Day' - 3 tank day + Snorkling with Manta - i was inches away from these beauties. My second fave after Manta day was a site called Aquarium. They have a 60mins max dive time rule and no deco stops but as it's all drift you've are usually out of the reef by the time that is over anyway.

We didn't go to the a la carte restaurants - we felt the variety on offer in the buffets was plenty. We did have several spa treatments which were fantastic.

All in all, this place has something for everyone. We spend full days just lounging on the Beach and full days doing activities. My partner played the Guests vs Staff weekly football match thinking it was going to be a quick kick around - it was a full match! The staff are very good and it was hilarious to watch the guest team men folk circa 40 years young go up against a bunch of fit 20 year olds who are used to the heat. But that's what this place is all about - you feel like family, it feels like home.

I can't recommend this place highly enough. If we go back we'll probably get a Beach Villa or to be fair, even a garden room because once you've done the Jacuzzi Water Villa once Id rather spend the additional on other activities whilst there.

GO! You won't regret it for a second.

P.s. no shoes required!
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PostPosted: Tue Apr 05, 2016 3:01 am Reply with quote
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Many thanks for taking time to post a TR.

I'm really pleased that Meeru looked after you and it sounds like you had a fab time. Thanks for posting info about the diving too. We get many Qs about this on the forum and those of us who aren't divers can't answer them.

Time to start saving for your next trip?? 😀


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PostPosted: Tue Apr 05, 2016 6:32 pm Reply with quote
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Its nice to see that we are not just all deluded and the place works magic on everyone. Trust me it will become an expensive habit many thanks for posting. Cool

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Meeru; October 2007, February 2015, May 2016, September 2018
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PostPosted: Tue Apr 05, 2016 7:40 pm Reply with quote
Humble Jim
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Thank you most kindly for taking the trouble to post a trip report; it's really appreciated.

It's always fascinating to read how this amazing island affects people Very Happy.
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PostPosted: Sat Apr 23, 2016 5:19 am Reply with quote
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Thanks for the report and the positive feedback on the new dive team. I have dived a few times with the previous team and I will look forward to another positive experience in four weeks time.
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First Time Trip Report + Euro Divers 
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