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Trip report: 26th December 2010 – 10 Jan 2011 
PostPosted: Fri Jan 14, 2011 2:05 pm Reply with quote
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Hi All,

I found this forum an invaluable resource for researching the island prior to my visit so I thought it only fair to post my own report.

We were originally scheduled to fly out on the 18th December but we managed to catch the Heathrow chaos just right! Spent the night on the terminal floor and as the news reported there was NO information coming from anywhere. I won’t dwell on the miserable and frustrating week that followed instead I’ll move along and let you know that thanks to a wonderful travel agent (dial-a-flight) and some very sympathetic employers we managed to get the week we lost re-shuffled to the end at minimal cost.

So we get the call from Sri Lankan airlines and they tell us we’re scheduled to fly at 9pm Xmas day, we actually don’t take off until 1 am Boxing day but, as you can imagine at this point we were just overjoyed to be in the air!

We flew economy and frankly it was like spending 10 hours in a dentist’s chair! Very, very cramped, bland food and rubbish entertainment.

Finally we land and somehow, once in the Maldives everything becomes so much nicer. Passport control and baggage reclamation was a breeze. Transportation to the island couldn’t have been made any easier.

Night fell during the speedboat journey to the island and by God it was dark at sea! A couple of stops to drop visitors off at other islands and then suddenly the twinkle of fairy lights on the horizon (It was boxing day, remember?). There were 5 of us travelling including my mother who is semi disabled – she can stand and walk but not for long and not far. The staff at Meeru were very helpful and a wheelchair was made available immediately.

A quick word here about disabled access. If you’re fully confined to a wheelchair Meeru isn’t for you. As I’ve said, Mom is semi-disabled so was able to leave the chair for short spells but the number of times we got bogged down in the sand or came to a dead end (for wheelchairs) was beyond measure. No hard feelings – just telling it as it is.

Anyhoo, checking in was fine, our room (103) wasn’t ready so we spent the 1st night in 625. Seeing as it was pretty late anyway and that all we wanted was something to eat and then to crash out that was fine. 103 was ready at 9 am the next morning and the staff took care of moving our luggage.

So the 1st day proper and the chance to see the island in daylight. Beautiful blue/green waters so clear and so warm. Very hot and humid (took me a week to fully climatise) Breakfast was fine, yes it’s the same everyday but it’s varied and doesn’t get boring. Lunch and dinner were, I thought, superb throughout the whole of our stay – so good I couldn’t envisage the need to visit a paying restaurant.

WE had great weather although it rained on New Year’s Eve but that didn’t spoil the festivities. The staff were wonderful and were all there to make sure you had a good time. We were there Full Board as none of us are great drinkers and saved a great deal of money. Drinks are very expensive but the pay as you go drinks seemed to be of better quality than the all-inclusive ones. (small ‘fresh’ bottles rather than poured from a ‘stale’ 2 litre bottle).

Snorkeling was a marvel! You dip you head underwater and are surrounded by a vast quantity of fish that would probably sell for around a quarter of a million back here in the aquarium shops! On my first snorkelling experience I came face to face with some kind of eel that freaked me out but… as they say… if you don’t bother them they won’t bother you’.

The island is quite beautiful but being a keen photographer (and there’s no shortage of subjects to photograph on Meeru!) I explored every path, nook and cranny I could find and some less attractive sights are well hidden (building works etc). The gardeners and grounds-men made me feel very welcome (a camera always seems to open doors) and they gave me a guided tour of the plantations.

Was there anything I didn’t like? Just niggles but here goes…

1: Room 103 is by the Jetty and at least once a day you would get an overpowering smell of diesel as they re-fuelled the boats.
2: The rooms are VERY dark. Even with all available lights switched on.
3: It was hard to slake your thirst – sometimes you just want to down a pint of ice cold beer or Fanta but the measures are small and expensive and water just doesn’t cut it.
4: The amount of litter on the beach – You can’t blame the locals for this… this is visitors to the island throwing plastic bottles and wrappers into the sea and on the beach – made me ashamed to be human quite frankly.

This was easily my best holiday ever. An enchanting experience in a magical location with wonderful, warm friendly people. I’d certainly go to the Maldives again but it’s my own personal preference not to visit the same place twice – the world’s just to big to limit yourself. If I go again, and hopefully I will, I’d try one of the smaller islands I keep hearing about.

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PostPosted: Fri Jan 14, 2011 3:15 pm Reply with quote
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An interesting and frank trip report. It sounds like your trip had the potential to be a nightmare what with the snow!! At least you got there in the end and I'm glad you enjoyed yourself.

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PostPosted: Fri Jan 14, 2011 6:40 pm Reply with quote
Casey Jones
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Thanks for taking time out for your feedback Dave.

I guess the small half pint measures make sure your drink is relatively cool to the bottom of the glass as opposed to getting warmer by the second in the heat if were of a larger measure.(depends how fast you drink I suppose Laughing)

I do agree some rubbish can be of a resort nature such as AI water bottles left at the beach or discarded with no thought, but a lot of it is washed up rubbish from the ocean. With favourable tides this can be an unforeseen problem, but quickly rectified by the beach cleaning staff on Meeru.

Sounds like good times overall Smile

Casey Cool

Meeru, Meeru, Kuramathi, Vilamendhoo, Maafushivaru, Kandolhu, Seychelles, Mauritius, Maafushivaru, Grenada, Maafushivaru
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PostPosted: Sat Jan 15, 2011 12:22 pm Reply with quote
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Glad you enjoyed your spell on Meeru. We were there for some of the same time arriving on 20th making it through Gatwick by the skin of our teeth to catch our flight. This was my second year on Meeru and I would return again and again.
I use a wheelchair for mobility at all times and had researched the island thoroughly, and went by a friends videeo/pictures and very honest opinion, before venturing there last year. We had such a good time we returned this year. We stayed in the 700 jacuzzi water villas, as we did not think any other type of accomodation would be suitable. Our villa was fabulous (expensive but fabulous) and very suitable for me. As long as I was careful access down our steps to the sea with a little help made snorkelling (using a lilo) superb. I was able to access the Malaan restaurant and Urutha bar (most important!!) and public toilets completely independently when I needed to. My husband and son did some serious diving so I was left in peace and quiet so had to be able to get to and fro these necessary places. The sand was problematic if you went on what we called the beach roads but the main "road" was fine. The "buggy" service is second to none the driver is so helpful. I made some suggestions where access could be improved especially for the middle part of the island after last year but nothing seems to have been done - just like the UK really.
Asian Wok even though having to be lifted up steps both inside and outside was still well worth the visit - pity the loo is inaccessible.
I would not say that if you use a wheelchair do not consider this island - instead get in touch and I will give you a completely honest opinion on what to expect. If anyone out there has information on any other islands which they consider to be suitable for a wheelchair user please let me know though in my opinion it would take a lot to beat Meeru for everything.
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PostPosted: Sat Jan 15, 2011 3:15 pm Reply with quote
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We were also there at the same time as you - Janice I know who you are now that you've said you were in the 700's - so were we! We were in 714 and we said 'good morning' to you a few times along the walkway!

I'm glad you enjoyed your stay Very Happy



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PostPosted: Mon Jan 17, 2011 5:58 pm Reply with quote
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Yes Alison we were next door in 716. We had a wonderful time even surpassing 2009 as we settled in so quickly this time knowing what was what. We received such a warm welcome from staff who rememberd us from last time. Special mention to the buggy driver who is a star!! Yovan of course who is superb!!! and Ali our room boy who is fantastic also.
When can we go back!??????
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Trip report: 26th December 2010 – 10 Jan 2011 
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