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3rd visit 15th - 27th May 2016 
PostPosted: Sun Jun 05, 2016 10:30 am Reply with quote
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Well grab a very large bottle of wine and try to stay awake....

Meeru 2016

We arrived on Sunny Meeru 3 weeks ago today – 15th May 2016, the flights were OK a little bumpy in places but not the worst I’ve experienced….We had arrived on the flight from Dubai at 7.40 am and we weren’t on the boat transfer list till the afternoon, an error by the travel agent but thankfully, they had room on the boat for us. We didn’t wait long and after a fairly uneventful boat journey arrived around 11 am. We were met by Heather from Guest Services along with our Coconut drink, very welcome thank you. Strange that she knew we were coming but the boat hadn’t. I had emailed reservations and asked for a low numbered water villa. We like this as it gives a short walk after dinner to burn off the calories and is also a nice walk to our favourite bar the Pavillion. Heather advised us that our Villa 507 wouldn’t be ready until 2pm. However we were given keys to a JBV 608 to freshen up, advised to have lunch and come back to main reception at 2pm. We didn’t freshen up, we fell asleep. I don’t sleep on the plane and was exhausted but the power nap did me the world of good. When we arrived at the Malaan for lunch we were asked who served us last year, Waheed happen to appear at our sides and seemed delighted that we remembered him from last year. He was great until the Tuesday when he seemed to disappear – more about that later….
After lunch we walked back to main reception to be advised that our keys were at the North Reception. Grr we could have took our bags and stayed there but anyway its not a bad place to wander around aimlessly!!! We were taken by buggy to North Reception for our keys then finally to our own villa 507……these have been refurbished since last year and are now absolutely stunning. Opening the door and seeing the view makes everything worth it. The only place in the world I’ve been that looks even better than the brochures (and we all know some places don’t even look anything like the brochures)!
The next 12 days and nights passed in a blur… we had breakfast from room service on our first proper morning you only pay a delivery charge if you are on all inclusive. We made breakfast every morning bar one. You were spoilt for choice and despite my best intentions on having fruit etc, freshly scrambled eggs, bacon and/or salmon won the contest every morning. I really miss them.
Due to a very late football game on one night we didn’t go to breakfast the following day and had lunch. I didn’t really rate lunch to be honest. It was OK and I don’t know why I don’t know what I was expecting but just decided I preferred breakfast. After breakfast each day we made an attempt to walk round the island before it got too hot then basically lazed around till dinnertime.
Bit disappointed by the sunrises this time, very clouded and some pretty dramatic sights but not the glorious opening I’ve seen some mornings. It was however still very peaceful and relaxing waiting on the world waking up. The guys that sweep the beach in the morning spoke to me many mornings, they do a great job keeping everything in check.
We were invited to a new event this year the “Captains Table” a new idea to get feedback from guests. Basically you and some other repeat guests, and some of the management team have drinks and dinner. We were with a British/American couple and a German couple. Despite the language barrier the German couple were lovely and we had some very funny conversations over the next few days mostly involving sign language !! The staff we had for the evening were the Personnel Manager and the Purchasing Manager who were both lovely. Julie the Personnel Manager disappointed a little as she wouldn’t give me a job. It was interesting to understand how staff are hired though and it does really depend on where you come from that dictates what line of work you will be in. For example the company must under local laws employ 70% of their staff locally and therefore all the room boys are from the Maldives. The barmen are mostly from India and Sri Lanka as being a muslim country the Maldivians are not allowed to serve alcohol. The girls that work in the bars I believe come from the Phillipines and I understand that there are only 20 girls working on the island - they could have made it 21 but she wasn’t having it! I did mention that I’d heard they had a Scottish Chef and she asked if I could cook, I advised her that maybe for 6 people tops – so really I wasn’t very well qualified……Phillipa the Purchasing Manager was lovely too. She was on a mission to work her way through the cocktail list but I don’t think she got far. Her dancing to DJ Bob or whatever his name was kept us highly entertained. She’d also only arrived on the island 15 days earlier so we were able to tell her plenty!!! I spotted Yovan in the Kahuni bar on this night. He’d served us in 2007 in the Uthuru Bar on our first visit but we didn’t see him last year at all. He seemed very out of place in the Kahuni and I expect it’s because it was quite noisy (disco) and he didn’t have the ability to chat to anyone, seemed a real shame, but I understand he isn’t there every night. We ate in the Farivalu restaurant this night and whilst it was nice to experience the different restaurant I didn’t like it as much as the Malaan. It’s much busier and I expect with the changes going on just now it will be even bigger and busier soon.
This year we were lucky to be there for the Full Moon and booked the dinner for the Sunday night on the beach next to the Wok. That was a lovely evening. We went to the Wok first of all as didn’t want to arrive late expecting it to have a few people. We were the only ones there and I learnt later that it was actually closed and the barman was waiting to go over to the bar on the beach! Oops. But you know what he chatted away to us and didn’t make us feel like we should move and was a lovely man also. The dinner itself was amazing didn’t try everything as there was just too much. Ibraham who served us was lovely and even managed to get another bottle of water on our table without me noticing….
We both used the spa twice, once we went together for the Aloe Wrap massage as we were a little burnt. This was lovely although I think I lost a layer of skin when I got back off the bed. And yes I feel asleep very relaxing experience. I don’t do spas here probably cos I don’t have the time to relax but there it’s a different story. Stuart also went for another massage as he had a “sore back” yeah right”! I went to the land spa and got my hair cut. I’m sure it was the same girl that cut my hair the first time I was there in 2007 as she’d arrived just before then! Just shows the staff are really happy and many of them have been there for years. My second spa experience was quite amusing. There were 3 chinese weddings that day and they had all turned up late so the spa were running late. Very amusing watching 3 perfect looking Chinese girls screaming and gesticulating about god knows what – none of us know even now. Their translator hadn’t turned up and they had brought their own hairdresser and make up girl. They just wanted to use the facilities and get some help. But none of us knew with what. Anyway I spotted the same 3 girls walking along the beach at 6am the following day still in all their clobber they must have partied all night. Another thank you to the Chinese who entertained with their costumes for swimming. One guy we saw had a full wet suit life jacket etc and then made his way to the pool......another guy pulled up on the beach in front of our villa on a bike – still don’t know how he managed it I guess he must have cycled along the path then walked between the villas. Anyway he put all his gear on flip flopped in the water about 6 times, spluttered out the snorkel then literally came back out and got on his bike and left. Probably still thinks no-one saw him! Thanks to the forum members who recommended the new Triboard snorkelling masks. These are a terrific invention and I spent more time snorkelling in one day this time than I did during the whole of our previous visits. You can breathe normally even cough although I probably wouldn’t recommend sneezing! Great even if I did look like a teletubby!
Our waiter Waheed left after a couple of days despite saying “see you tonight” then again as last year we didn’t know who our waiter was and they didn’t seem to know either. Sat for ages before we just waved at someone and asked for drinks. Then we had Masood who was also very good but again disappeared then we had Ali who again was very good and then Masood was back and it was ok till we left. I just felt disappointed as a similar issue happened last year. I know they have days off and holidays etc. but I do think this could be better arranged. Simple, when a waiter is off give someone else his tables or split them between the other waiters. People don’t mind sitting in the same set of tables each night and it would take the guesswork out of things.
The service in the Uthuru Bar left a little to be desired this year. Again ok for a few nights then the staff seemed to change for the weekend. I didn’t rate these guys as highly and in fact one night we sat for what seemed like ages then left without even getting a drink. Following advice from another forum member we ordered drinks at the bar the next night and that seemed to help. But we didn’t bother going the last few nights we had dinner then walked to the Pavillion which is much quieter and Shree who works there is completely on the ball. As soon as he sees you coming he starts making “your usual”.
My insect bite issue is well documented, have had a couple of bites on previous visits but this year lost count at 50. A visit to the doctor was required. He didn’t seem to think it was Mosquitoes as it’s not the season for them more likely sandflies which bite everyone all the time and it doesn’t bother them. He thought I’d had an allergic reaction. The bites were just very itchy and unsightly and a real nuisance. But I’ve learnt my lesson there, next time I’ll take my own antihistamines which I can buy for 30p at home.
We’ve now been in October, February and May. The temperature is the same all year round and I would say that whilst there was more rain this time, it’s not the constant hours of it that you get in some places. It was 5 mins here and there and really didn’t affect us at all, there are plenty of palm trees that you can shelter under.
It’s our 10th anniversary in October next year so it would be rude not to return for that since our first visit was our honeymoon. We all know when the Meeru bug bites, the only cure is to book a return trip! I might need to get another part-time job in the meantime though!
Thank you again for the patience of all the forum members with your help prior to our visit, and to those of you who are still awake after reading this, remember when you are there how much your day was brightened by my live reports and make sure you post some to. We all know reading others, and having been there, you can imagine yourself there sharing the experience.


PS please ignore the dates on the photos it would appear we didn't reset the date on the camera after the batteries died....



Meeru; October 2007, February 2015, May 2016, September 2018
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PostPosted: Sun Jun 05, 2016 11:05 am Reply with quote
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Wow, what a speedy report. You've only been back 5 mins. Loved reading it and it sounds like you had another perfect holiday.
Thanks for posting


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PostPosted: Sun Jun 05, 2016 8:10 pm Reply with quote
Casey Jones
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Nice one shanksy..what a read!!!
Sitting in my back garden this afternoon amongst my palms in pots in this lovely heat took me right back. Don't quite have the aqua blues of an Ocean nearby but your trip report did help me dream a little...super! Very Happy

Casey Cool

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PostPosted: Thu Jun 09, 2016 4:33 pm Reply with quote
Humble Jim
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Great read indeed!

And as ever always fascinating to get up to date news on the island. Ace report and some great tips in amongst too.

Thanks! Very Happy
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PostPosted: Thu Jun 09, 2016 6:51 pm Reply with quote
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Great review Caroline,

I was almost there reading it. Ooh actually I almost am really there really, only 8 more sleeps.

Jan x
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PostPosted: Fri Jun 10, 2016 9:14 pm Reply with quote
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Belated thanks for a lovely report back...been a bit distracted with other things recently....but thanks for taking the trouble to share with the rest of us on here.
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PostPosted: Fri Jul 31, 2020 10:46 am Reply with quote
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great post
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3rd visit 15th - 27th May 2016 
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