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Forthcoming building works Scheduled to start 1st May 2006 
PostPosted: Sat Feb 11, 2006 10:26 am Reply with quote
Steve from Durham
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Building works

As it has been mentioned the building works that are planned on Meeru are scheduled to start from 1st May 2006.

At present as soon as the clock turns to 1st May it does not necessarily mean the works will start at 1 minute past midnight…..but will start sometime after this date…..Meeru have notified all tour operators that from this date that they will not be using the standard rooms in the 100 & 300’s and will be empty of guests.

The standard rooms in the 100’s will be the first rooms to be demolished this will be completed over a period of time to minimise noise etc and will be replaced by 22 Jacuzzi Land Villas and will be positioned closer to the edge of the beach compared to the present location of the standard rooms.

During this phase of the works a palm thatch type fence will be erected to hide and act as a barrier as will the natural barrier of the foliage and this stretch might not be closed off to guests (the map from Meeru shows it closed but the beach frontage here is very large and the foliage will also act a screen.) the decision on this will be taken as and when works start.

The standard rooms in the 300’s will be removed and replaced by 44 Jacuzzi Water Villas, and again the removal of these rooms will be screened by the same type of fencing and when the construction of the Jacuzzi villas commences a screen will be erected closing off this part of the beach.

The Jacuzzi Water Villas are to be constructed to the right (south) of the Honeymoon suites up to the beginning of the land villas and a beach will be extended directly out into the lagoon.

All ready on the forum someone has posted that the existing land villas in this location will have no view and will be spoilt !!!!...the map shows the location and no way does it show this….it anything they will benefit more from the new extended beach area.

The Asian Wok will be replaced with a new larger multi national type restaurant built over the water and again will be fenced off to prevent noise etc. The location is to be on the jetty side (for those of you who have been recently or due to go the metal posts in the water will show its location)

The original Asian Wok has not been decided what will happen to it and Meeru are open to suggestions (mine was to place some decking down and put large chairs similar to the Uthuru bar)

For those of you who are not aware you are only allowed to build up to a max of 20% of the overall island size and at present Meeru has approx 13%… with the removal of the standard room and the new build it will be roughly the same %

And for the conspiracy theorists on some other sites who are anti anything at present…and why did Meeru not tell about the building works at an earlier time…..

The islands have to apply to the Maldives government for permission to start any form of major construction (this sounds similar to our planning application laws) and once it has been accepted they then give permission at this point this was when information was giving out (not from waiters on Meeru who new the application had been submitted and then told people here in the UK who then started a 1 person vendetta against Meeru and forum members……

The question that people asked was why did they not inform everyone prior to this….they needed the permission first, what would have happened if the permission was not giving….doesn’t make very good business sense.

Also they needed the delivery dates for the arrival of logistical goods, wood, special salt water concrete etc and until they had this, they could then come up with the dates that have now been advertised.
(if others still think differently perphaps they could e mail Meeru and and enquire for everyones benefit)

Meeru have said that if any one was disturbed by this work they would ensure they were accommodated somewhere else…..

As Graham stated in a post using the piece of string method and a 20 year old calculator approx 16% of the island’s coast line will be worked on and not all at once…

We have done what we said we would do and ask as many questions about the building works as we could and post the information on the forum, I hope that this has helped with your holiday decision. But one thing we have to remember is that with any form of construction / building works a majority of different circumstances could arise which could mean the works start in a different order (ie 300’s the 100’s and of course not forgetting that nature could hinder the works.)

As new information comes to light the thread will be updated accordingly.

Many Thanks
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Forthcoming building works Scheduled to start 1st May 2006 
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