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‘I left my heart in Meeru’ Sharon & Kevin 
PostPosted: Wed Apr 15, 2009 1:28 pm Reply with quote
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‘I left my heart in Meeru’ Sharon & Kevin First trip 20th March – 04th April

THE FORUM I’m sure has helped many. I found the site on a Google search and after a few problems registering, and help from Alan.Yates & Steve from Durham, a member I became. Over the weeks I gathered lots of useful tips and advice, and, although I looked at many pics, nothing was going to spoil our arrival.


LoobieLoo had introduced herself at the airport after she had recognised Kev from our pic on the forum. In the lounge, we met ‘Twinmummy – Nikki, and her husband Damien, and Alan & Joyce. We all had a good chat, few drinks, and before we knew it, Go to Gate was on the screen.


No complaints with First Choice airline. We’d had enough to drink in the lounge so settled for coke and water. Kev was happy with his upgrade, and I was happy doing the odd puzzle while watching the flight map and counting down the hours. The food was fine and having only had the odd five minute nap, the sights of the Maldives were upon us. Coming into land was magnificent, and I started to fill up a little as we began to descend. The airport at Male’ was busy but staff there are very efficient. We sat for a while when suddenly we were called to board the speedboat. Kev slept on the way there, I watched out of the window although it was difficult to see much. Alan, Nikki & LoobieLoo had also joined us on the boat.


Just under an hour later we arrived at Oh so wonderful Meeru. We had been very sensible and wore light clothes, believe me you will need to, the heat is so intense. As we stepped off the boat I started to fill up again. I actually said to Kev “I Don’t know what’s wrong with me but I keep feeling very tearful.” It was a strange feeling. We walked down the jetty, totally gob smacked, and were guided to the Kakuni bar where we received a welcome fruit cocktail and a cold flannel.
Now after having read the forum, I half expected what happened next. Our name was called and we were greeted by Claudia from Guest Services. She welcomed us to Meeru and almost immediately told us our Jacuzzi Water Villa was not available. She went on to say we would receive $165 and a free dinner anywhere we chose, Beach/Asian Wok, or even a massage. I asked which JWV we would be allocated and she said 726 at 09.30 the following morning. Perfect! We looked at each other and agreed this was fine so off we went to Jacuzzi Beach Villa 657. In our room we had received a complimentary bottle of red and a basket of fruit for our troubles. The JBV’s are lovely, but all we could think about was the following morning and getting our key to our dream holiday home. We didn’t unpack, just a quick freshen up and change, and off we went to explore.
We arrived at the Maalan restaurant and were amazed at all the food on offer. Soup, meat, fish, pasta, salad, vegetables, seriously anything you could think of. The desserts were to die for, especially the marmalade sponge and custard, Mmmmmm. This was the norm for any meal, breakfast, lunch or dinner. The choice was simply amazing, you really couldn’t fault it. We were shown to our table and introduced to Sobrey who would be our waiter for the next two weeks.
We were taken back with the beautiful views, and wherever we went, I would hear Kev say, “Where in the world can you get this?” It became quite a joke as he said it so often. After a walk around the island we decided to sleep.
After our evening meal we decided to go to the disco in the Kakuni bar. I really enjoyed it in here. We sat at the bar and shortly after along came Gunnerchris who introduced himself and his partner Donna (forum pic had helped again) we had a great night and finally we left for villa 657 to a welcome nights sleep.
The following morning after breakfast we put our cases outside our room as requested and headed off to reception. At 09.00 our villa was ready and we were given the key as promised to JWV 726. Off we went, trying not to rush lol.
726 was second to the last villa so it was quite a walk down the jetty. Now I can’t put into words how I felt when Kev opened the door, I was totally speechless. As we opened the doors onto our veranda I was tearful again. I realised how spoilt we were and from that moment, I could have stayed there forever.
Now I’m not going to give a day to day diary of our holiday as this would take forever, seriously I could write a book. Instead, I will tell you about the things we did and how much we enjoyed them, and, how we regularly bumped into Alan & Joyce on our daily walks around the island, and how we chatted about “where in the world can you get this?”


Me & Kev
Nikki & Damien
Steve & Karen
Pete & Mandy
A few didn’t show!
Had a good night chatting about Meeru and other things and dare I say, I had a few too many drinks. I did wonder how sometimes I managed to walk home along the jetty without toppling over the edge (no I wasn’t that bad, honest!)


Now how romantic was this? Little did I know better was still to come. We both enjoyed a starter, and both chose surf & turf for our main. We shared a bottle of red; there was no room for dessert. We ended our night in the Dhoni bar where by this time we had become good friends with Bandara, one of the bar supervisors who we had met on day one. We nicknamed him Ban-Daniels as he regularly showed us his many tricks which we found quite remarkable.


A fantastic day out, lunch and drinks were included. Now at this point I had only been swimming in the ocean a couple of times, and certainly not down our steps where a family of Trigger fish lived. These guys love you, they don’t; like most other fish swim away, instead they dart towards you, so when we pulled up at a secluded island to snorkel I was thinking hmmmmmm is this where we get in? Luckily the guys on the boat took us to the island on a small speedboat where I could wade into the ocean at my leisure (which I did). The reef here was great and I loved looking at so many different kinds of fish. For our second snorkel stop I saw no island and I was kinda thinking, “oh dear, how do I wade in from here?” Everyone, well all but three of us jumped into the ocean and swam to the reef. The guy on the boat asked why I wasn’t going to snorkel, “here is a fantastic reef” he said. My adrenalin was pumping away as I caught Kev’s attention and waved him over. “How deep is it?” I asked. “Just don’t look down” he replied “Now come on get in, it’s amazing”. I didn’t jump, instead I walked down the boats steps in my beautiful pink fins and gently got into the water. Instinct, I looked down – Oh my, how deep was this, but what a fantastic feeling. I held onto Kev’s waist and we swam together to the reef.. We took shots with the underwater camera and constantly pointed at all the fish as we snorkelled around. Then Kev spotted a turtle, we swam faster but so did he, realising we were following him, we did however manage to get quite a good shot. It was amazing, I wouldn’t have missed it for anything, I was so proud of myself. After speaking again to Gunnerchris and telling him how well how I had done, he said we must go to Kragi Island.


Our friend Mirfan – Pool/Dhoni drinks waiter had promised Kev he would provide boots for football, so, when Sunday arrived, Kev had to show. To his word when we arrived, off he went on his bike to collect the boots. Now this was quite funny as the boots were about a size 9-10 and with Kev being an 8, they were shall we say, slightly big lol Now I’m not going to make excuses, this is not the reason Kev only lasted about twenty mins, age, lack of fitness and the heat of the day didn’t help. You would have never believed he ever played semi pro. That day the guests were playing the waiters who apparently were the best staff team on the island so a final score of 2-1 to the guests was a great result.


We met up with Nikki and Damien most nights in the Dhoni bar and decided to go here together. This was a great fun night. The chef was very professional in his act and we didn’t do too badly at joining in, catching the bowl of rice and food in our mouths. Would definitely do this again and it was very reasonably priced.


Out on a Dhoni boat for about an hour on a Dolphin search. We saw a few but unfortunately they didn’t wanna play.


I think about four boats went out. I thoroughly enjoyed this however I didn’t catch anything. Apparently one of the other boats came back early as they had caught so many fish. Better luck next time!


We had decided to have our dinner on the beach near the Dhoni bar (our favourite) as we had requested Mirfan to be our waiter. Bandara said he would arrange this for us as Mirfan only normally served drinks. Our table was beautifully decorated and was surrounded by a circle of candle lit lanterns in the sand, very romantic. Mirfan was very nervous and explained we were his first guests to serve food. He did extremely well adding fun to the night, it was a real pleasure. He is 18 years old and only worked at Meeru for three months. A very happy young man, always smiling. This was by far my favourite night on the island. I would recommend any beach dinner. A romantic setting, just the two of you to enjoy each others company with the waves gently lapping onto the shore and looking up to the stars. Perfect! Romance in paradise, you don’t get much better than that. We ended our night in the Dhoni bar and realised this was nearly the end to our dream holiday.

We chilled out on our last day in Meeru, well we chilled out most days to be honest. Even after one week we felt like we’d had such a relaxing time. Our days were mainly spent walking round the island admiring the beautiful views and wildlife. The baby reef sharks, the rays, the huge bats, the warm crystal clear water and the touch of the soft white powdery sand between your toes. Oh, and our stops at the Dhoni, Pavillion and Uthuru bar, enjoying our Carlsberg, iced Rose’ or those delicious Rum Iced Coffees. On Friday we had burger and chips at the pool BBQ and also enjoyed pizza in the Dhoni bar. (Not on the same day). We never managed to eat all three meals every day. We often skipped breakfast or lunch, and had toasted sandwiches at the Dhoni late afternoon, I did however still manage to gain weight.

As usual, we went to the Dhoni on our last evening to say goodbye to our friends Bandara and Mirfan and promised we would see them again next year. Bandara is from Sri Lanka, 35 and married with two children. He has been working at Meeru for five years and told us 2010 would be his last. Kev also promised Mirfan a Liverpool football shirt with Mira ’11’ on the back; only as as Kev is a Man United fan, he did say I would have to make the purchase. I’m a great believer in keeping a promise so it looks like 2010 is on the cards.

We regularly saw Alan & Joyce, LoobieLoo & her husband, Chris & Donna – Many congrats guys, Steve & Karen, Pete & Mandy, and spent most of our nights in the Dhoni bar with Nikki & Damien. We won’t forget you all and had it not been for this forum, we probably would have never met any of you.

Meeru is a truly beautiful place and the staff here are wonderful. Very smartly dressed and service always comes with a smile. The staff do seem to be taken good care of. It was nice to be able to walk past where they lived on the island and see what they too enjoyed - Football, Pool/Snooker and a nice area to sit and chat or relax.

If you managed to stay awake to read this report, sorry it was long, I do hope you enjoyed it. One thing I know is certain, we will return.
Why ? Because ‘I left my heart in Meeru’.

Love to All

Sharon & Kevin xxxx

P.S. This report was written over the last few days. One more thing I would like to add is we have since re-booked our return for Feb 23rd 2010 –only 314 days to go.


[/url]"I Left my Heart in Meeru"
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PostPosted: Wed Apr 15, 2009 1:38 pm Reply with quote
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Hi Sharon & Kevin

Thanks for your report really enjoyed it.

Booked again already? - the Meeru bug strikes again!

Helen Very Happy


The best things in life are not things.
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PostPosted: Wed Apr 15, 2009 1:42 pm Reply with quote
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Crikey!! What a beautiful report!!
I seriously have tears in my eyes.....

Your holiday just sounds everything that I hope ours will be.

I feel the same about the water too, I'll be happy once I'm in there, but will be nervous beforehand! It was good to hear how much you enjoyed it though.

Thank you so much for a great report.

Can't bloody wait to get there now!!

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PostPosted: Wed Apr 15, 2009 1:45 pm Reply with quote
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Thanks Guys for a really good report.

We are hoping to do many of the things you covered (Love Boat, Teppanyaki, Goma meal) and it was great to read about them.



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PostPosted: Wed Apr 15, 2009 1:50 pm Reply with quote
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Hi Sharon & Kevin

Great report, and so glad you enjoyed Meeru, well we already knew that cos you told us everyday!!!

We admired you so much because you did everything, boats kayaks, meals on beach, spas, the lot. It was jaw dropping to watch you both.

Filled up a bit reading your last few paragraphs, and then could not believe that you had booked to return on Feb 23rd, I e mailed you today to say we had booked also but return on Feb 24th??

Good luck , speak soon
Joyce & Alan xx

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PostPosted: Wed Apr 15, 2009 1:54 pm Reply with quote
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Can't believe that, not even had chance to check emails today Crying or Very sad I'm sad now Crying or Very sad


[/url]"I Left my Heart in Meeru"
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PostPosted: Wed Apr 15, 2009 2:07 pm Reply with quote
Haggis slayer
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Sharon & Kevin

Thanks for a fantastic report. Cant wait to go back.....3 weeks on sunday Very Happy

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PostPosted: Wed Apr 15, 2009 2:09 pm Reply with quote
Humble Jim
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Really, really great read, Sharon & Kevin.

Thanks very much for posting your thoughts and feelings. Very Happy.
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PostPosted: Wed Apr 15, 2009 2:46 pm Reply with quote
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Glad to hear you had such a wonderful time, so good you have booked again Very Happy It is really nice that people put so much time and effort into their trip reports and make it come alive, especially for those that haven't been before.


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PostPosted: Wed Apr 15, 2009 2:53 pm Reply with quote
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sharon&kevin wrote:
Can't believe that, not even had chance to check emails today Crying or Very sad I'm sad now Crying or Very sad

No problem we should see you for quick drink before we leave Crying or Very sad Crying or Very sad

Get your new ticker going now

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PostPosted: Wed Apr 15, 2009 4:08 pm Reply with quote
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Sharon and Kevin

A great report. I know exactly how you felt about going back. We had re-booked again within a few days of returning.

Going by the dates, looks like I'll be lucky enough to met yourselves and Alan. Here's hoping so



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PostPosted: Wed Apr 15, 2009 4:15 pm Reply with quote
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Really fantastic report, thankyou for taking the time. Can't believe you've booked to go back already! Laughing

My worry is that no other holiday will ever be comparable if the Meeru bug bites us as hard as it has you and others - beans on toast forever Laughing Laughing

Less than 2 months until we go and it can't come quick enough!

BeachLover sunny

Life isn't only about how to survive the storm, but also how to dance in the rain!

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PostPosted: Wed Apr 15, 2009 4:31 pm Reply with quote
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Oh Im so sad to read that you guys and Alan & Joyce are going back next year...
But "Where in the world can you see that" really made me Very Happy That brought back some fab memories.
You will have to hunt for my heart whilst you are there because I seem to have left mine there too. Crying or Very sad
I would go back in a heartbeat. But Disney is on the cards for next year and we are just about to book. Meeru just isnt the place for 3 year olds I dont think....maybe in a few more years.

Thanks for such a lovely read & some great memories.
Miss you both

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PostPosted: Wed Apr 15, 2009 4:36 pm Reply with quote
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Well Sharon that made me fill up a few times.....god knows I am going to be like in 9 days time Embarassed Embarassed Embarassed I just can't wait....glad you had a fabulous time and it was brilliant to read all about everything you did Laughing Very Happy


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PostPosted: Wed Apr 15, 2009 5:09 pm Reply with quote
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Thanks Sharon, what a lovely report, I felt exactly the same when we returned last year and are going back again 2weeks on Saturday. We are not even there yet and I want to book for next year.

Paula Smile


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‘I left my heart in Meeru’ Sharon & Kevin 
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