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Long Overdue Vila Honeymoon's a Monster!! 
PostPosted: Mon Nov 07, 2011 10:47 pm Reply with quote
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Okay this is WELL overdue, but I seriously don’t know where the time has gone over the 4 months - madness! After seeing Lynl post today and blush over a trip report from September, I thought I best get my act together and finish this beast, ha ha!

It is a monster, please don’t judge me! I write in a diary format, as much so I have a record of all my holiday as a trip report for others. And this was a special one after all.

Grab a bottle (you may need vodka)…

Sat 2nd July
After a midnight finish to the day before after marquee dressing and late night cake baking for the “cake table” you’d think I would have slept but not unlike the rest of the week prior, I was up with the larks (or more, the farm cockerel of the lovely cottage we were staying) at 5.30am! The morning getting ready was fairly chilled, I think I was the most relaxed of everyone, even after the realisation that my big sister hadn’t got my nephew white shirts to go with their suits to be mini ushers - t shirts it is then!

Soon the car had arrived, Gladys, a pale green Morris Minor convertible, and we were on our way to Athelhampton House for the ceremony, slightly behind my brother and sister-in-law driving the bridesmaids and my Mum. We were met by the Registrar who proceeding to take me through the text of the whole ceremony - of course, I took nothing in, and before long we were walking down the aisle to my slightly terrified looking fiancé although he said he was choked seeing me look so beautiful ha ha! I cried. And then tried to put the ring on the wrong hand - all the things I told Paul he’d do wrong. Soon we were walking out to Fresh Feeling, Eels as husband and wife.

A quick refreshment then a few formal photos before we moved everyone on, and had a walk with our photographers in the lovely gardens, so nice to escape and have some time together. Then back in to Gladys for champagne and a nice drive (luckily just avoiding the long tail back by taking a detour through Dorchester - it was easy to forget we were bride and groom in wedding car, but reminded with well wishers waving and beeping. I took off my veil and let my hair down (literally!) as soon as possible! We stopped on the top of the valley overlooking the coast and had photos with our sunnies and wedding garb on, before on to the Hare and Hounds where we were met by our guests waiting either side of our purple carpet, ready with my handmade petal confetti cones, and we had a lovely walk through the arch of throwing, one of the best memories of the day.

The rest went a reasonable blur, although I do remember hitting the wall around 4.30 and thinking I could go to bed, but I couldn’t leave my party early?! The cake didn’t turn up so the country cake table proved valuable in purpose as well as aesthetics. And I doubt anyone else has had a hedgehog cake at their wedding. The food was lovely and we didn’t have much wine or prosecco spare, lots of dancing, local cheese and hog roast eating, lantern lighting, big brother singing a special song to wave off the newlyweds through the arch, we were in our shed (otherwise known as a chalet) tired out after a wonderful day. Quick email to the cake lady before bed!

Sun 3rd July
Awoke after 10 hours sleep - hadn’t done that in weeks! We had breakfast left in the kitchenette to make ourselves, and argued over who would make it (I won) and opened our cards and presents. Then back to the pub to take down bunting, vintage glasses and vases, dried rose buds, stationary and sashes. It was even hotter than the previous day and we were all flagging!

Guess what we ordered when we got back - a curry - despite leaving for the Maldives the following day ha ha! Our local gave Paul a free can of Carlsberg as it was his first curry as a married man. Packing, packing, packing.

Cake lady refunded us, she had put it in for completely the wrong day bless her, I think she was more worried and upset than me! Smaller cake also to be made as compensation which we’ll enjoy at a post-wedding BBQ to show our photographs.

Mon 4th July
Woke up fairly early and paid in pennies, got our dollars, bought some last minute odds and sods, and also got the mother of all food mixers with out cake refund, so I can now make all the cakes I want myself!

A battle with the Wii Fit to weigh the suitcases - yes we have lost a lot of weight, no we don’t need to speak to a doctor, just hurry up and weigh, running late, aagghh! Satisfied (fairly) that the cases were under the seaplane allowance give or take a kilo, we headed off to Heathrow without a hitch traffic wise.

We used Quality Airport Parking who were very efficient and had a private taxi to take us to Heathrow terminal 4 just a 5-10 minute drive away. Check in was open so got past security as quick as possible. Unfortunately the airport lounge was closed from 29th June, so we couldn’t use it, but had a mooch then a snack in Starbucks and on to the departure gate.

Cue requirement for me to take my tranquilisers and nervously get through take off and await my glass of wine or two to ensure Paul would get peace and quiet through the flight. This was confirmed after we had our dinner (which was very nice - love that with Sri Lankan you get metal cutlery and their curries are always good) Paul knocked his tea all over my WHITE linen trousers. I simply got up very calmly and said I needed to go to the loo to try and wash the tea out lol! He couldn’t believe his luck.

The plane was remarkably empty more than we’d ever seen, probably only a third full - we moved to some seats nearer the back together because of this - we weren’t quick enough to get one of the rows of four in the middle!

Soon after some snoozing, we were heading in towards Male - we had a rough hour or so coming in with bad turbulence, and as we were coming in to land headed back up again - apparently there was a storm over the runway so we had to relocate and land the other end - bit white knuckle at that stage!!

Security seemed to take longer and was more disorganised than usual, not sure if it’s because they didn’t hand landing cards out on the planes? As we left though we were shown by the H&J guy where to check in for the seaplane, no extra luggage charges (woop!) then on to the CCR Terminal for cool towel, soft drinks and begin island check in (fingers crossed for a non-windy detached beach villa). The CCR Lounge is lovely and the showers looked good if you have time - we only waiting 10 minutes and on to the seaplane. We stopped off at another island, and then just us on to Vilamendhoo, so the pilot banked and gave us some great views of the island. Luckily the tranquilisers were still in the system so I found the seaplane journey acceptable!

Shortly met by Dhoni by Vila staff and took the short boat journey to the island, whilst looking longingly at the water villas and stating “if only!” Arrived on the island and escorted to reception, given iced tea and cool towels which was very welcome.

We were then shown the Vila map and shown where the Jacuzzi Beach Villas were and I was happy to see the lady point out the North side ones (non windy side)…only for her to say they had a request to put us in a in a Jacuzzi Water Villa!! We looked at each other thinking the other one had done it and she double checked this was okay and we agreed!

Bands on, then walked up to the JWV jetty with someone from reception - this was the first time we realised how much smaller than Meeru the island was - then we were shown around the room, TV, Jacuzzi, minibar and so forth which was a nice touch. Once left to ourselves, we checked each other hadn’t upgraded (I would have killed Paul!!) once realisation that it was a freebie, Jacuzzi and Tiger beer time = one great welcome to Vila!

We had a fruit place and a nice bottle of red wine along with a card from Vilamendhoo to say happy honeymoon which was greatly appreciated.

We unpacked and showered and then headed out to the Asia Wok for cocktails as happy hour is 5-6pm there, taking in the island along the way. Happy hour is two for one cocktails, which at $9.50 for two we thought was very good value! Then up the South side of the island to the Sunset bar for a nice glass of AI red (very drinkable) - and yes, there is a popcorn maker there!! Served with your drinks, especially pre-dinner. Just ask if you want some - they serve it in wine glasses.

We then got caught in rain, so rushed in to the Ahima for our first meal of the honeymoon. We were met by our waiter Hussain who was pleasant and smiley enough. The food was great, and the desserts brilliant - we honestly thought the food was head and shoulders above Meeru in both choice and presentation, unless Meeru has changed in the last year! Desserts especially were a lot better. There are salad/cold appetizer stands in the middle, a soup stand, bread stand, a row of hot food usually including a pasta or rice, a few meat dishes and always a fish dish, and sometimes a carvery station manned by a chef. There is also a live pasta station, and a grill for freshly cooked fish. There is a curry station all in clay pots, extensive curry condiments, and then a huuuuge dessert stand!

Earlyish night, we were tired out after the wedding, rushing around and then the flight. There was a huge storm in the night that woke us up which was a little unnerving in the JWV - they seemed to shake a lot more than the Meeru JWVs!

Wed 6th July
Awoke our first morning on Vila to more rain - although the 11.5 hour sleep helped soften the blow! I showered ready for our first breakfast but it turned out that was just a ploy to get me away from the room so that room service could be delivered - my new husband ordered champagne breakfast for us for the first morning of our honeymoon - a lovely surprise! The bread/cake basket in particular was delicious, and I was pleased to see waffles as well, Paul had asked specially lol

After breakfast we walked the short distance along the JWV jetty to the overwater spa to book in our AI 15 minute massage, and we also booked the his and hers as well.

Then to the pool - it was BAKING hot, one light drizzle but apart from that blue skies! We recognised Gill and Dan from the forum (and from Facebook!) and so introduced ourselves, then to our first lunch! This was as good as the previous night’s dinner and I could feel my holiday wardrobe quivering already!

More sunbathing, and dolphin spotting from the pool (just beyond the reef) and we were hit with a little rain, so retired with books and red wine to the Sunset Bar. Back to the water villa to get ready then on to dinner - overindulging at this point was already becoming apparent - hence a little walk was in order!

We walked down to find the gift shop, lending library and has a look at the fish off the arrivals jetty, although we didn’t stay long due to the two families who’d bought bread rolls from dinner specially to kill the fish with!!! I was angry so we moved along and headed on down to the Asia Wok for some cocktails and shark watching. Cocktails here were delicious and we found the barmen very good. We headed back up via the arrivals jetty again where we were this time alone, and saw some cuttlefish.

Quick dangle on the villa balcony before bed (my favourite part of the day) after seeing our AMAZING bed decoration! Best we’ve ever seen it was beautiful! There were whole stems of flowers, so we put them in water in a toothbrush holder from the bathroom - too pretty to throw away!

Thurs 7th July
We awoke after another fairly stormy night to patchy sunshine - but what I would call “friendly clouds” lol! We had breakfast and then spent some time by the pool, before heading off for our first snorkel. We chose the South side and headed out through exit 6 (?!) in a lovely current floating along before suddenly coming across BRUNO!!! Much flapping and pulling from me, whereas Paul just wanted to try and get a photo. My he was a big fish! Largest Titan we’ve seen that’s for sure.

We’d worked up an appetite by this point so dried off and headed out to lunch the back to sunbathe on the balcony away from the kids at the pool! Don’t panic - the reason there were kids was because the other pool was closed as it had to be drained and have some work done on it - it was closed for 16 days in total I think - luckily we only had to cope for around 5 of those. One kid in particular spent literally hours throwing his ring in the pool, then attempting to jump (bomb) in through the middle of it, then throwing his wet ring out of the pool (usually getting guests wet in the process) and repeating steps 1 to 3! No parents in sight either. Anyway, rant over!

We left for dinner and got caught in an almighty storm, so all the shutters were pulled down - it was quite nice though and encouraged us to take our time and have a few drinks. Then on to the Sunset bar for drinks where we met Gill and Dan again, and ended up making it to Happy Hour (which is incidentally 11pm at the Sunset Bar?!) for the first time on the honeymoon!

Fri 8th July
Clearish skies again - so far the best most cloudless skies we’ve had in our three trips so we were very happy but also wondering how long it was going to last…I was almost going an almond colour!

We had a light breakfast as we were heading out for a snorkel (one waffle instead of two this morning heehee) and went out through exit 7 North side and snorkelled along the drop off up along the JWVs which was amazing - the clarity was very good and there were all kinds of fish, and the coral seemed more untouched here too as (unbeknown to us at the time) it is not recommended to swim left along that stretch due to the distance from the island)

We baked by the pool afterwards then had lunch (more delicious dessert) and a drink at the Sunset Bar (I learnt at this point that the white was as drinkable as the red) and then headed back to prepare for our 15 minute massage. We were met with an iced tea drink and cold lemon towel. I was very pleased to see the spa was in our wedding colours of violet and ivory ha ha!

We both had the hot stone treatment with our him and hers, great but ouchy! We then finished by having our champagne in the relaxation room which was a lovely addition.

Quick snorkel where we saw schooling parrot fish (that was something special!) as well as lots of other fish and sealife. We got back to the room and got ready to head out to the repeaters party which was really nice with some yummy canapés, drinks and meeting some of the key staff. Nice addition being held at the Asia Wok as well. We stayed for dinner afterwards which was delicious, and we managed to get a table on the far corner outside, out of the wind and with a great view of the passing sharks and rays. We had a lovely bottle of NZ white for $35 which we didn’t think was half bad for NZ wine at a restaurant! We saw a HUGE stingray, must have been the size of the average dining table!

Sat 9th July
We got up early for breakfast as today was the Whale Shark trip! Excited much! We had clear skies and no wind so felt very lucky. We headed to reception where we met a really nice couple Katie and James, who we ended up spending a lot of time with across the holiday.

We had a briefing then headed on to the boat, the sea was lovely and calm and don’t worry about taking drinks - stacks of bottled water is provided, which I wasn’t expecting. DO take sun cream - when it’s hot and you’re up top you’ll soon get scorched, especially being in and out of the ocean.

Around 45 minutes after setting off, the hunt began up top - a whale shark was spotted so it was on with the fins and in to the water. We were the only boat which was great! There were around 20 of us and there were some not so careful snorklers think fins in the face - swim with your arms ahead of you as a shield is my advice! Lots of paddling later and the whale shark came in to sight, quite a small one by whale shark standards but still absolutely amazing!

Back on board for a quick pitstop then more spotted, so back in the ocean. This time we saw a huge manta ray, quite deep and very fast! Against the current this was a challenge but worth it. Also saw turtles too.

Then back on and off the boat again for more mantas, then we swam back towards the boat and saw a large whale shark, 4-5m in length, wow! By this point there were a few other boats and so a lot of people in the water. I was just floating taking it in when I saw underneath what I thought was a Manta with it’s mouth open right under me - it was only as it got closer I realised it was a whacking great whale shark!

I think I let out a little scream, Paul saw the insurance money flash before his eyes, and I managed to move just in time! It came up a few feet from me and I swear it looked straight at me. For those few moments, time stood still and all the fin flapping and people shouting and bubbling stopped, truly magical. I’d got my whale shark experience. Choas and serenity all at the same time.

The boat then headed back where we cancelled the Manta Trip - we’d got our money’s worth on the Whale Shark trip that’s for sure! We had a BIG lunch - that trip is tiring, a lot is against current and your legs are like jelly after getting back on the boat. I nearly had a Bridget Jones moment (think BJ vs. Cross Trainer). Then a sleep (well, after all the exercise rude not too!)

We went the whole hog with dinner with 4 courses including cheese - the cheese board addition is something I’d never seen at Meeru and was really nice. We ate outside too which was lovely. The waiters are great if you want to eat outside just let them know and they’ll set a table up for you whilst you get your food.

We then had drinks with Katie and James, exchanging stories and getting our moneys worth out of the AIP cocktail of the day! I think they are better than Meeru’s as well - unless Meeru’s have changed from the shooter type affair that they have always been!

Sun 10th July
This was one morning I was going to breakfast for sure - not just because we had awoken to another blue sky day, but because on a Sunday you get sparkling wine with your breakfast woohoo! We then headed out to the pool to meet some folk we had met round the pool so far. We had a lazy day spent by the pool, and a lighter lunch then Paul went off to play in the football and I relaxed with a book back on the balcony at the room. The staff won - no surprise! Thanks for making my husband smell like a teenager’s trainer - gross!

We had pre dinner AIP cocktails, and then had an early night - this Paul was cream crackered after the football!

Mon 11th July
ANOTHER sunny day - this was unbelievable for the time of year we were wondering when our luck would run out! We had breakfast and then a walk around the island - the constant eating and drinking was starting to take a toll on the waistline! Took some photos and explored the island a bit more.

There are lots of defences on the North East side of the island, but along with this some nice deep lagoon and covy areas. I think this would be perfect for families as it’s safer for children paddling.

We then snorkelled halfway down the island on the North side, there was so much to see and the light was perfect, we saw a large moral eel, several large parrot fish and lots of shoaling fish.

Then headed off to the pool, and met with another Mr & Mrs Smith! We then had another massage - I had the Balinese and Paul the Oriental. Both were lovely. Then reading and drinking before dinner - today we had room service pizzas for tea yum yum! They really are so so good. Rediscovered my drink of choice from Meeru - rum and pineapple - can’t believe I forgot about that one. We signed up for the free try dive at the Dive Centre.

Tues 12th July
We got awoken in the night to - shock horror - rain! Was our lucky streak about to end?? We awoke to overcast skies but it was still very hot and soon the sun was breaking through the clouds. We had breakfast then went to check and pay the bill so far. The reception guy was less than helpful about an error on the cost of our room service. He called room service who said it was right when it clearly states a different price in the room guide. In the end Paul had to take the room guide back to reception later in the day to get any sense out of them - come on Vila! Don’t be let down by poor service at reception when the rest of the island is so friendly and helpful!!

We went for a snorkel but the current was too strong because of the weather, so we decided to stay inside the lagoon on the North side where it was calmer. Followed by sunbathing on the JWV balcony. We spent the afternoon by the pool, and cancelled our Sunset Cruise for fear of bad weather - there was no way I was repeating the “Death Cruise” as it is affectionately known, of last year’s Meeru trip!

We agreed to stay up until Happy Hour at the Ahima with Katie and James, just to prove a point! Although the cocktail of the day that kept us going through the afternoon wasn’t half bad - vodka, lime and mint a bit like a Mojito. Then back to the room for a kip to ensure we were awake past 10pm (hard work this relaxing malarky). And true to our word, we had a late dinner and then the four of us as well as Laura and Kevin stayed up until would you believe it, 12.30am! Lol. 2-4-1 cocktails, sharks in the sand, chairs on the beach, getting the ants drunks and so forth. Great night. No one else was up! I wonder why Happy Hour is so late hmmmmmm!

Wed 13th July
I was very surprised that we made it up for breakfast. The morning was a pool day, where we spent our time photographing “Harold the Heron” and James worked on his “sun tan” - that’s a British sun tan by the way!

I went back to the room whilst Paul did the try dive, my ears had been playing up since the Whale Shark trip - all the plankton in the water did not agree with my ears! Paul the lucky beggar saw a Napoleon Wrasse - the dive instruction couldn’t believe it!

We saw the sun down with the Prosecco in the mini bar (not on AIP but good value at $15 for a half bottle, we thought).

A nice dinner, then an evening of drinks with all 8 of us, and photos taken with the tripod!

Thurs 14th July
Walked down to use the lending library after breakfast to change the books - plenty of books in several languages. I managed to find a few I’d actually been looking out for to read which was handy! Rubbish boat STILL at the end of the service jetty with ropes across the beach…

Back to the room for a sunbathe on the balcony, where we saw more jellies in the water, one with a 1m long tentacle! Decided against snorkelling again.

At a late lunch we found Lee and Leanne, finally a meeting! It was going to happen on one of both of our many Maldivian trips over the last few years!

At dinner we met Simon and Paula for the first time (properly!) from the forum, and had a giggle over the “Sue” mix up!

Had some drinks with Lee and Leanne, and some fab conversation - as well as some major camera envy from the hubby! Early night tonight.

Fri 15th July
An early start as we were off on the Robinson Crusoe trip today - and what a lovely day for it! Lucky us again! There was an unusually low tide, this had been happening more and more over the last few days, along with unusually high tides due to being close to full moon.

We got all our luggage - snorkel gear, towels, sun cream, etc - it was a small suitcase full! - and headed to reception where we were ushered to the speedboat that would take us out to the sandbar we would call home for the morning.

The journey out was longer than usual due to the low tide over the reef the boat had to go round the reef near the sandbar - then we were left with drinks and food, sun umbrellas, loungers, deck chairs, soft drinks and beer. Oh and life jackets and a mobile phone (just in case).

The snorkelling wasn’t great and there was a strong current due to the tide changing but the lagoon was clear as anything and lovely and warm. Didn’t see any pesky jellies either apart from washed up, which was good news!

We then had our picnic which was lovely - smoked salmon and asparagus, beef tenderloin and salad, cheese and biscuits and fruit. Then time for photos and relaxing!

BUT the tide came in very quickly, I started to panic just a little! Paul tried to say it was fine, as the waves washed over the island, but as the wave came up under the sun umbrella we decided a call to the island for an early pick up might be a good idea! It would seem the same tides that gave us such a low tide, also meant a very high tide! The boat came and got us, and reduced the price to $150 which was very generous. We didn’t do this, but if you want you can order anything off the champagne menu at half price to take with you.

No lunch today due to the lovely picnic! Just relaxing on the balcony in the shade due to a bit too much sun on the desert island.

Tonight was Maldivian night as it is every Friday - we missed the first due to dinner at the Asian Wok. Id been waiting all week for a dhal then when I had it there was a stone in it and I very nearly broke a tooth!! Don’t think the dhal was meant to be! After dinner I began to feel a bit peaky but managed a few drinks with Lee and Leanne, before heading off for an early night and a late date with the bathroom!!

Sat 16th July
I didn’t go to breakfast, but although I still felt not right I was hungry - so odd!! Which is what made me wonder if it was too much sun? So Paul went alone, and bought me back some fruit. The waiter was really good and got some polystyrene tubs to bring it back for me. Paul and Kev went off snorkelling whilst I stayed in bed, and then an almighty storm hit and I found them all bundling back in the room, soaked! That rain really is on you before you can run!

Paul went to lunch alone and came back with some tablets from Simon and Paula which were brilliant - thank you so much!!

Tonight was our Full Moon Dinner at the Asia Wok which was lovely, but it was very windy outside ha ha! Ladies, take a hair toggle!! They also have some good offers on half price wine if you fancy it, you can of course have the usual drinks/wine list with your meal, including AIP. There were several stations, one with appetizers, one with sushi which was amazing. Another with the seafood fondue which was fun. Then a noodles/rice/meat station with a fresh cooking grill. And desserts. There is live music too and it’s all lit up pretty. A really nice treat and so glad to have experienced it on our honeymoon after always missing it date wise on Meeru.

We headed back to the Ahima where we had drinks with Lee and Leanne, and managed to stay up until 12.30am! Rock and roll! Took advantage of Happy Hour again.

Sun 17th July
I got up for breakfast this morning and felt a lot better after the meds! Maybe the sparkling wine helped…

Another day of light meals and keeping out of the sun, and enjoying the lazy lifestyle, whilst Paul once again braved the staff vs. guests football. They lost - again!

I had a small lunch then Paul went off to play football whilst I stayed in again.

Tonight was Laura and Kev’s last night, so we had some goodbye drinks, then headed back fairly early.

Mon 18th July
Fairly tired due to the mother of all thunderstorms in the night - the sea was almost up to the banisters on the steps of the water villas, and there was sheet lightening and the loudest thunder I’ve ever heard - particularly scary in a JWV I thought we’d be washed away!

I felt so sorry for Laura and Kev having to leave on their seaplane - the plane was somewhat delayed!

We had organised to have breakfast in the room and felt so sorry for the room service guy delivering - it was tipping it down Maldivian style - he certainly earned his tip!

Today was the first day that had been heavily overcast - that lucky streak has to end at some point! We left the room at around 11.30 after the storm had eased off and it seemed everyone else was just emerging too!

The afternoon consisted of reading in the bar and having some drinks - we skipped lunch and had a lovely snorkel between exits 6 and 4 - amazing coral gardens!

We had our customary pizza/fries/prosecco for late lunch, as it was our last night (booooo!) and then packed and had a late dinner.

Did the boring stuff, paid the bill, checked in online…

Last night drinks with Lee and Leanne - great to meet you guys! Up later than expected until midnight!

Tues 19th July
Up at 7am to beat the loud, 7.05 wake up call on the phone (just a tip we learnt from Meeru!). Hassan was very surprised to see us at breakfast at 7.45am!! We ate outside, as it was a lovely day - typical!

We met Lou at reception who was lovely and asked us all about our thoughts on our stay and Vila, and also Paul’s tummy, which since Mon had decided to play up as well, worse than mine! She gave us a gift before we left which was a lovely gesture, then before long it was on to the boat to go to the seaplane.

The water was seriously like a mill pond, so annoying!! The sea plane was packed, mostly the people got off at Mavaarafushi though so there was a bit more room for the majority of the leg to Male.

We could see the atolls so clearly, Paul got some lovely photos.

The landing was a bit scary - I wasn’t really a fan of the slight nose dive - at one point I wondered if he remembered he was piloting a sea plane, and not an airplane, as it looked like he was going to land on the runway!!

Arrived at Male to be informed by a H&J representative that there was a 2 hour delay on our flight - excellent. We were told to wait until 11 then go to check in. At around 10.45 we went to the desk to check, and were told our flight was not delayed at all and that check in was open - brilliant!

Usual loop round Male airport, stocked up on the spices and got a couple we met last year on Meeru a Meeru fridge magnet as a reminder of their honeymoon! We could give it to them when they visited in September.

We left fairly on time, and the flight was smooth - it was also very empty again, meaning we were able to get a row of 4 seats between 2 of us.

Overall a great honeymoon, really hard to make comparisons to Meeru, there are positives and negatives to both!

If you’re still reading, more fool you ha ha!

Thanks though.

This is my honeymoon diary, and no matter how long, I will read it over and over again.


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PostPosted: Tue Nov 08, 2011 8:22 am Reply with quote
Steve from Durham
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Wonderfull read salut

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PostPosted: Tue Nov 08, 2011 9:26 am Reply with quote
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When it's written down it appears we did have a few "late nights" didn't we Wink Laughing

Excellent trip report Sarah!

Where has the time gone? It seems like only yesterday that Paul generously gave me a farewell cigar and we were sat at the sunset bar chatting, laughing and drinking on your last night!
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PostPosted: Tue Nov 08, 2011 9:29 am Reply with quote
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I know it's mental isn't it?!

Welcome any time down here for a catch up we'll show you the southern sights haha!!


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PostPosted: Tue Nov 08, 2011 8:09 pm Reply with quote
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Great report Sarah, looks like you had a fabulous time. I feel so much better now about all the early nights we have Very Happy It's surprising how tired do nothing make you.

Only one complaint..... where are the photos I'd love to see them.


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PostPosted: Wed Jan 04, 2012 4:58 pm Reply with quote
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Great report! So now you've had time to reflect on it, can you share the pros and cons of Vila and Meeru and where you'd choose to go back to? We're trying to decide whether to go back to Meeru or try another island. Would also love to see the photos Smile
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Long Overdue Vila Honeymoon's a Monster!! 
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