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Never say never 11th visit 
PostPosted: Tue Jul 17, 2012 9:44 pm Reply with quote
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Ok we said it was unlikely that we would return for an 11th visit. Well a sequence of events led to us making a late booking. We got a very good price for a land villa.

Our friends lee and shell were due the second week of our holiday. There were unaware that we were going, so with emilys (customer relations officer) help we had laid on a surprise. However in the week I got a phone call from shell asking us if we could look after the dog and take their son to the station. I tried my hardest not to let on where we were, however I finally said to her that I would see her Mon, surprised she asked where we, I had to own up. I had told her we were not available the first week of their holiday. We had arranged that we would house sit from Tuesday afternoon of their second weeks holiday.

ArrivalOur arrival at Male airport was slow going through immigration. Thompsons had no immigration cards on board so we had to fill them in at the airport. Also there were several flights in at the same time. The airport had building works so this made it even more chaotic.

On arrival we were given the key to 660 JLV my favourite in the 600s. Several people were given upgrades, some from Land villas to JWV. It seemed to be a lottery. As lee reported several Land villas were being refurbished, so hence the upgrades. We were told the island was only 82% full. As we usually go in Feb it was noticeable that the restaurant was not so busy.

When we went to lunch we met our usual waiter faz in the malaan, who was going on leave as his wife was expecting their first child. So after that we were served by cheeky fazzey. We can remember him when he first started on the other restaurant about 6 years ago In the evening of the second week we ate with Lee and Shell served by Masood

The week followed the usual pattern around the pool, walking round the island, snorkelling when the current was not to strong. Eating & drinking.

We went to the repeaters party. We were told they were going to do some work on the pool near the dhoni bar.

I also met a female member of staff who worked in the back office and came from England. I asked how she managed to get the job and she told me that she just wrote to the company, sent her cv and somewhere along the line she landed a job at Meeru. She said it was fabulous working in paradise.

On the second Friday John had an upset stomach, so I went and asked chef if he could make some toast and had he got any dried biscuits. No sooner said than done. The chef who in previous years done the show cooking has been promoted to junior soux chef. On both Friday evenings he asked me if I was ok with curry as he remembered I am allergic to chilles, offering to get me some chicken and chips. I declined as there still was enough to choose from. Its amazing how they remember you and your likes and dislikes. 99% of the staff go over and above what is required and go the extra mile. Unfortunately there was one male barman who completely snubbed me, it was someone who upset me last year, and I did let management know as I did this year. That’s not bad considering its was our 11th visit.

Word of warning

Somehow I managed to get locked in the bathroom. I was going to have a shower while John went and watched the staff football tournament. When he went out the door slammed, slamming the bathroom door shut. I had the sense to make sure I had not been locked out, sure enough I was locked in, so at the top of my voice I shouted for John before he got to far away, he thought I had hurt myself. He then had to go to reception as I had left the key on the bed. 10mins later I was free. I spoke to walter and he said he thought it was impossible, believe you me its not.


The weather was good, some showers, but sunny and not so hot as in feb or Oct last year. This suited us, you could walk without getting too hot.


Our Journey back to the airport was interesting. The last couple of days we had some heavy showers. When we were ready to board the boat (Meeru Mail) had never been on that boat before, the heavens decided to open. We sat in reception waiting for it to ease. No such luck, 45mins late we had to make a run for it, we were given beach towels, however with the wind blowing full force and monsoon rain we arrived at the boat soaking wet.. It was very hairy boarding I was petrified, the boat was going up and down, side to side, and you could feel the jetty moving. Eventually with the help of three people I boarded. Sorry for holding people behind me, I only have little legs. The boat journey was bumpy but this did not bother me. It was far better getting of the boat at male Before checking in we found dry clothes in our cases and more of less done a full change in the airport. Once checked in we noticed our flight was showing to go to the gate. Duty free is being refurbished; we had to go the café to buy crisps and water.

Boarding was on time but we had to wait as some of the sea planes were late due to the weather. We eventually took off well over an hr late, but we made good time and only landed half an hr late.

I have tried to keep this short but have failed. I am never going to say I will never return again, if and when I return it will be June time because
Its Cheaper, less people and not quite so hot. Watch this space.

We are however going to Vilagandu in feb 3013 to celebrate two big birthdays, so hopefully I will do a report. Its far more expensive than Meeru because its five star. Whether it will meet my expectation we shall have to wait and see. We are travelling Ba as they do the 2/3 flights a week so we can stay for 10nights.

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PostPosted: Thu Jul 19, 2012 7:52 pm Reply with quote
Humble Jim
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Cheers for penning a very informative report, Pauline Very Happy.
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PostPosted: Sat Jul 21, 2012 3:57 pm Reply with quote
Ann & Forbes
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Hi Pauline

Wow, eleven times to Meeru...... that is something! You didn't actually tell us, but reading between the lines, it sounds as if you had a really good time and enjoyed your eleventh Meeru experience!

Interesting to hear about the weather in June, how was the humidity and were there many mossies around as I always imagined the humidity to be higher at this time!

We will look forward to hearing all about your holiday to Veligandu as I have heard excellent reports!

Cheers for the report!


Meeru February 2011, 2012 & 2014,
Komandoo October 2016 & 2017
Komandoo December 2018
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PostPosted: Sun Jul 22, 2012 7:18 pm Reply with quote
helen m
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Thanks for an interesting report Pauline Very Happy


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PostPosted: Fri Jul 27, 2012 4:12 pm Reply with quote
Joined: 14 Feb 2012
Posts: 165
Our 11th trip was far better than outr 10th.

Humidity was less than Oct and few mozzies, they got John but not me.

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Never say never 11th visit 
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