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PostPosted: Mon Oct 01, 2018 6:42 pm Reply with quote
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I've just read this full thread and am glad am not alone with my thoughts. We last went to Meeru in May 2016 and then just recently as you all know...

I definitely thought the service and quality of food had dropped. As Casey said they are there primarily for your safety but I just felt that they weren't the premium service they advertise anymore.

Food was ridiculous as an example my scrambled egg (I had no choice by the time they got to our twin seats at the back) I could have threw it in one piece and I'm pretty sure it would have stuck to the ceiling.....

We did Glasgow-Dubai-Male and back, the cabin crew on the first flight gave the impression that they really couldn't be arsed. The second flight was still not brilliant but OK, the first flight back were OK as well the best cabin crew were those on the way back into Glasgow, mostly Scottish girls, hate to say it but they do say we are friendly.

Anyway about the journeys themselves, the way out was OK pretty uneventful, but the return was a total nightmare for me

Woke up half an hour before our 4.30 am alarm call to be greeted with some of the worst weather I'd ever seen. Can imagine my panic at the thought of the boat trip.....however by the time we left at 6am things had calmed down and boat journey was actually OK, but by then my nerves were already jangling. We were nearly 2 hours late taking off at Male because of the "rain". Stuart was moaning about it I was surprisingly OK because knowing how short the runway is there is no room for error etc. so was quite happy to sit there. But sit there we did, taxied to the end of the runway sat for ages then taxied back. As Stuart said it could have taken 3 minutes or 3 days to pass you just don't know. Had already been warned about the likelihood of bumps after take off due to the thunderstorms, but again was OK with this due to being warned beforehand. We landed pretty hard at Terminal C in Dubai with the overhead lockers opening and bags falling out. Reckon it was a trainee pilot......Our Glasgow flight was going from Terminal A. The flight thingy on the planes tell you its a 45 minute journey, we had 40 minutes. We were the last ones on the plane (like the ones you see on the programs whose bags are about to get offloaded) after sprinting through the airport getting on a train and sprinting some more. Left on time, probably not a big deal for most folk but for me and my slight dislike of planes the whole experience left me feeling really quite stressed. If there was another way of doing this journey I think I'd be happy to try. Thought about going to Heathrow and flying from there but we will see.

Didn't sleep a wink on any of the 4 flights as the seats seemed really uncomfortable closer together even - no room when you are eating without elbowing your partner (not on purpose I promise) and even though I'm quite short no room for straight legs whatsoever. If we don't find another option next time, think we should at least try the extra legroom ones. Did have a bit of a laugh at one passenger who decided he'd sit on the twin seats behind us reserved for crew. After a heated discussion with the crew which involved him telling them he'd sit there until they needed them the senior cabin crew came out and offered him a more comfortable seat up front. By this time I'm going beserk thinking I've paid 40 for this bloody seat and he's getting upgraded to Business for moaning Shocked Anyway turns out it was just the extra legroom ones which whilst still annoying turned out to have several unsettled children round about them. Think that's called karma.

All in all a very stressful tiring journey that spoilt things a bit. They A380 is supposed to be flying from Glasgow soon, hopefully that might make a difference. But think will explore all other options for next trip.......



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Moan moan moan 
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