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Asian Wok - memories and new menu thoughts 
PostPosted: Mon Jun 24, 2019 8:17 pm Reply with quote
Humble Jim
Joined: 03 Jan 2005
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Location: Leeds, UK
Interesting reading this new Asian Wok menu.

I've seen the Asian Wok menu evolve over many years.

Old timers, if I can put it that way!, will fondly remember the original land based Wok (which used to occupy a good part of the land that now hosts vow renewal ceremonies).

Back in circa 2007 Pam and I were among the last customers of the old Wok...and were among the very first of the new.

In those early days the menu offerings at the New Asian Wok were straightforward enough. All were excellent but an especially popular option was the A Taste of Asia offering.

For just $25 you could do all this:

- Pick an appetiser from one of an Asian vegetable salad, or Chinese spring rolls or Japanese chicken karange.

- Pick one soup from Japanese miso soup or Vietnamese chicken noodle soup.

- Choice of main dish. One of Indian vegetable stew, or Indian tuna fish masala or Thai curry chicken or Lamb keema

- Choice of one Rice portion or Noodles or Nasi Goreng

- Choice of one dessert

Back then, a UK pound bought nearly two US dollars. Bargain indeed Very Happy .

Over time many of the items in the aforementioned A Taste of Asia offering were spun off and developed into fine individual menu items in their own right.

In the intervening years tandoori menu options appeared too.

Roll forward to the present day. Clearly there has been a revisit to the Asian Wok menu following wholesale improvements to the standard restaurant offerings.

So I am not too surprised to see no tandoori options on the Asian Wok menu now (tandoori ovens now installed and in regular use at the regular restaurants).

Pam's a bit sad to see the Japanese Tempura Prawns are gone and TBH I'll miss those scrummy Chinese spring rolls too (but again, they do now appear elsewhere on the island albeit not in the ultra-fancy way they were served up at the Wok).

It used to be that the Asian Wok was the only place you could get Chinese food but with Meeru now catering for incoming Chinese guests the main restaurants now always offer Chinese options - and they're great too!

So I get why the Asian Wok menu has been revised.

I'm chuffed that the Teppenyaki is still going strong (terrific fun that is always) but my beady eye is really pleased to see that some of the options spun off from that original A Taste of Asia menu item are still present after all these many years Smile.

What are your best Wok foody memories I wonder ?

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PostPosted: Wed Jun 26, 2019 8:28 pm Reply with quote
Joined: 22 Jun 2010
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Location: stafford
We left the island on the day of the new menu launch. It was a severely hot day... a killer... yet we made the walk (midday) from our 500 to the Asian Wok to take a look at the new menu. Lots of exciting things but lots missing too. Sri Lankan fish parcel will be sadly missed by many.

I have to say that even though The Asian Wok is the best restaurant in the world (venue +food) I was starting to get bored with the menu. A change is a good as a rest etc. My biggest concern is the white tables cloths - so out of place. I hope they go soon.

Best foodie memories..... sandfly bites at the old Asian Wok - we liked to sit inside the main service area..... windy nights sitting outside the Maalan... too dark to see anything and the wind blowing your salad off your plate.... the old puddings served in large bowls like tea at your granny’s... the list goes on


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PostPosted: Thu Jun 27, 2019 3:32 pm Reply with quote
Joined: 02 Apr 2012
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We spoke to Ronaldo when we were there and he recommended the new menu which he said needed a revamp but he felt it was needed although he acknowledged that some of the old favourites were removed.
We booked for the following night although it was a surprise to me as my son and daughter in law had booked an outside table and I thought we were going for a dangle.
The food was superb and although it was the first time for our kids we all enjoyed it.
The service was excellent
A great way to finish the holiday!
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PostPosted: Thu Jun 27, 2019 11:55 pm Reply with quote
Joined: 21 Dec 2006
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Location: Scotland
Coconut ice cream was to die for 😊

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PostPosted: Tue Jul 02, 2019 12:46 pm Reply with quote
Joined: 14 May 2008
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Location: Worcestershire, UK
I understand why they’ve done it but there’s very little on there that is like now, since I don’t eat fish or seafood 😭


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Asian Wok - memories and new menu thoughts 
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