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Australia Aug/Sep 07 
PostPosted: Fri Sep 28, 2007 10:31 pm Reply with quote
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I have been back just over two weeks and at long last getting back to normal.

I will try and keep the report short and to the point, if theres anything else you want to know please ask.

We left on Thur evening and arrived in Sydney early Sat morning. We had flew BA, we went through imgration ok and waited for our bags and suprise suprise one was missing. On going to BA desk we were told the case had never left London. At this stage i was imaging the case playing catch up all the way round Aus, especially with BA records of lost luggage.
However either Heathrow realized the case had not been sent or BA got on the case!!! staight away, as it arrived the next day. We were also given $100 Ausie dollars. At least we had mixed our clothes. We then went through customs and as we were from England due to the Foot and Mouth outbreak we were put in a seperate queue and made to feel like lepers, even though we lived no ware any outbeaks. Although it was sad, i though it funny when they had a bad outbreak of horse flu.

We arrived at the Marriott, managed to get a good deal through a friend who works in the Marriott england.

The weather was very wet, and it was even wetter when we transferred to Brisbane. The highlight of Sydney was meeting up with my sons ex girlfriend who i had not seen for 6 yrs.

When in Brisbane it was so wet that the beaches and roads were closed along the sunshine coast and Surfers Paradise.However i suffered jet lag so bad i dont think i was up for doing a lot. On the thursday we met up with Johns family , Friday was the wedding and unfortunately it rainned most of the day. The service was on a covered in paddle boat along the river.

We managed a trip to O Reileys rain forest where we stopped for morning coffe which included the largest lights scones with rhubarb jam.

In brisbane they have a severe drought, thrust us to be there when it decideds to try and make up for the last 5 yrs!!!!

On the Mon we moved to Darwin, heres where the holiday really starts. We had one night in Darwin and then joinned a coach trip to Kadatu and the Catherine Gorge. The weather was a very clean hot. We went on a boat trip down the river where the wild crocs were fed and you saw how they jumped out the water. The next day we went along another river, reaching the Gorge. We saw freshwater crocs which apparently are no where near as dangerous as the slaities. At the hotel we stopped in overnight we saw a walaby and baby joie. We saw drawing on the rocks from thousands of years ago. We were lucky as there was only 26 people on the trip so we got to know some wonderful people. Its werid driiiiiiiiving on long staight roads with very little traffic.

On arrival back at Darwin we stayed in the orginal hotel. In the evning we went to a wonderful sunset by the beach where ever week there is a market. The next morning we left for Alice springs. In the afternoon we went of on another trip, seeing the sunset over Ayres. I was disapointed with the whole of Ayres.

AT this stage my leg and back was giving me problems, so much so that we cancelled the trip to walk round the base of Ayres. Apparently when we were there it was not possible to walk up the rock as it was too windy.
In the evening we went on a trip to the sounds of silence dinner. We were in the middle of the bush with the rock in the distance. Everything was well organized. But guess what it even tried to rain. fortunately it was only for a few minutes. This was where we tried Kangeroo, ( a very rich meat), crocodile and emu. None of them were very special

The next day we flew to Cairnes, for Port Douglas We were there for 6 nights, i hate living out of a suitcase. The following day i decided to go to the doctors with my leg. I was then sent to the next town for a scan to make sure i had not got a blood clot.

Important Tip Make sure you take a Medicare card with you, i think you can get them from a main post office

This could have caused us problems, but as the scan was clear and the total cost of the medical servies was about £100, we did not bother claiming on our Insurance.

Whilst in Port Douglas we visited the barrier reef. It was quite a commercial trip and although the coral was excellent the snorkelling was a bit disapointing.

The highlight of this trip was seeing a whale with a baby.

We also visited Karunda, we went by cable car to the village and retunred by a 100 yr train. I wish we had longer in the village.

I think all the time we wre in Aus we had one day where we sat by the pool. The pool was freezing.

We flew back to sydney on the 9th Sept in an excellent Novetel hotel at Brighton Beach. On the final morning we decided to walk along the beach and then left about 12 to go to the airport for a 16.45 On arrival at the airport we looked for the flight and all we could see was a BA10D leaving at 14.00. My first thought was the flight had been changed. We had booked in on line the previous night. So we were then sent from one place to another to another. Eventually we were told the flight had been cancelled. We were to be put up in a hotel and leave the next day at 8am.
Bearing in mind we were business class i then asked what compensation we would get, the girl went into her computer and guess what. she managed to get us on the delayed flight which should have been lelaving at 14.00. We were then sent back to the check in where it took nearly an hour to change our details to the new flight. We were told to go straight to the gate, of this was the one furest away. I was annoyed that i had not time to get some duty free, but at least i was on the way home. We then sat on the plane another 1 1/2 before we took of.

On the flight we were told that as a business customer we should have been offered an alternate flight. As we were flying straight through i would not have bothered where we went by. It would have been interesting had we have missed the delayed flight.

On arrival at Bangcock we were allowed off the plane. Her things did not go to plan, on boarding the plane again two passengers had not returned so their bags had to be off loaded. It was also 9/11.

We eventually arrived in heathrow later than if we had caight the later flight.

On waiting for our cases the carousle broke down, so it was over an hr later that they started to some through. Guess what one case short. we then decided to look at the broken carousel where six cases had just been dumped.

At last we were on the way home. It has been a lot easier getting over the jet lag.

One thing that struck me was the vastness of the country. On the trips it was mainly Aussies who were in their 50's and had never been to the places we visted. We also learnt how the weather differs so much, particulary Darwin where its rains fromNov though to March, with the rivers rising at times by 18 metres. We were fortunate not to see any of the world deadliest creatures.

I also admire backpackers who take a year out. I would have not been brave enough to take a year traveling. At certain stages of the trip i was very home sick.

Overall i enjoyed the trip but give me the maldives any day.

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PostPosted: Sun Sep 30, 2007 11:18 am Reply with quote
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hi pauline

thankyou for taking the time to write about your epic Australian trip

what an amazingly busy trip......I was exhausted from just reading it

and how sad to have had such bad weather........and no luck with your flights and bags to boot

did you manage to get any piccies for us to look at

as you say Australia is such a vast country and you managed to pack such a lot into your visit

well done to you and your other half

take care

hope the back and legs better

maggie Wink



bear with me as I am blonde,and am awaiting next vacation
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PostPosted: Tue Jan 01, 2008 7:57 pm Reply with quote
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Thanks Pauline for your post, very interesting read. I always thought of doing a year out as sabatical from work, but reading your report makes me think again. I think i would get home sick!!!

Maybe one day i may venture out to Auusieland, i too suffer with terrible jetlag but i have found that when you travel out and in, try taking Sturgeon 15, (travelsickness tabs from Boots) they are a godsend and knock you out completely, its great!!!

I love Maldives too, and cant wait to go back in April 2008.
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PostPosted: Sat Sep 04, 2021 10:18 pm Reply with quote
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Australia Aug/Sep 07 
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