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PostPosted: Mon Apr 20, 2009 8:40 pm Reply with quote
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Steven will place more photographs on tomorrow

For those of you going to Meeru and have considered doing one of the Special Cruises they have on offer then I hope this report helps to alleviate any concerns or queries you may have.

I’m almost reluctant to post this as I’m sure it will encourage more and more people to decide to take up the offer of this incredible holiday within a holiday experience. I do hope this doesn’t mean they may be fully booked up by the time we return in February 2010 !!!.

Our cruise started on 2nd April and we returned on 4th April .
It was a day of glorious sunshine and not much breeze.

The runners and riders were James (HJ) and Pam. Eleanor ( Eleanor2 ) and Tony. Steven (Stevefromdurham) and myself.

Our beautiful boat was the Gomafulhu.

One of my first concerns was “ are the cabins air conditioned”?, I needn’t have worried, Yes they are and it was certainly a welcome relief to nip down and cool off during the day. Our room was number 2 which is located at the starboard bow ( for you land lovers that’s front right ).

The cabin is fitted with a shelf at the bottom of the bed which runs its width.

There is a wardrobe, drawer, full length mirror and a bed which is built to fit the bow, slightly curved at the foot but not noticeable when you get in it. I’m 5ft 8” and Steven is 6ft and we had no trouble at all fitting into it , in fact it was more roomy and comfortable that our double bed at home ! The sheets are immaculate, crisp and white and there are 3 lightweight blankets in the wardrobe if needed.

There is one hanger provided so if you want more then take one with you. ( you wont need it ) I packed my clothes in a beach bag which was an ideal size, please don’t think about taking a case as there just wont be room to put it in the cabin, a small holdall or beach bag would be perfect. The cabin also has small sliding windows and curtains in both the main cabin and bathroom..

No doubt , like most girlies I took too many clothes for our 2 night 3 day cruise. You only really need 2 swimsuits, one sarong and kaftan and 2 items of clothing for the evenings and of course lingerie. I took 2 cotton dresses and only wore one choosing to wear a cotton kaftan on the second night as it was cooler than the dress for the beach bbq .. More about that later.

Forget make up is my opinion, as on Meeru its dark and hot and too be honest I couldn’t be bothered applying it as it made my skin feel clammy. There is no hairdryer on board so mine was left to dry naturally ( quicker than it would using a hairdryer anyway) and pinned up.

Each cabin has its own private en suite bathroom which consists of a toilet and a sink, however this is no ordinary run of the mill sink, it has a tap from out which a shower attachment comes and yes there is hot water as well as cold.

The whole bathroom small though it is, is perfectly proportioned and turns into a wet room when showering. There is even shampoo, conditioner and shower gel provided in cute little blue ceramic pots similar to those used in the villas.

The toilet has a ’bidet hose’ which is useful for when sand gets in those awkward places !!

There is also a mirror above the sink and shelving for toiletries. The bathrooms were re furbished about 18 months ago. You are provided with several white towels for the cabin as well as blue/white towels for on deck so no need to take your own. They are replaced when needed.

I cant believe I’ve written all this and we haven’t even set sail.!

We left at 9am on 2nd April and were waved off by Alan and Joyce who sadly couldn’t come with us as they had to fly home early on the 4th . We were welcomed on board by our crew for the trip and given delicious fresh coconut milk served au naturalle of course ( the coconut that is, not the crew)!!

As a couple of the crews names were rather difficult to pronounce we gave them names of our own

Ismail - The captain or as we called him after the beach bbq ‘Mr robot man’

Mohamed - The chef , Gordon Ramsey eat your heart out.

Shiham - Crew/Waiter, tour guide and general jack of all trades.

Ibrahaim - Crew and top class fisherman

Zakariyy - Crew or as we lovingly called him ’Mr snorkel man’

Once we managed to peel Eleanor from the captains wheel we set sail.

The weather was glorious and the sea was a millpond as we sailed towards Manta Point our first port of call, but not before we were treated to coffee/tea cakes and fresh fruit.

During the trip if we wanted a drink, be it alcoholic of otherwise at any time, day or night we could have it. The crew went to bed when we went to bed and got up when any of us got up and basically were simply there to look after us.

A short time into our journey we were greeted by a group of about 8-9 dolphins ranging from babies to mummies and daddies, they darted back and forth under the bow and gave us just enough time to photograph and video them before scooting off into the deep blue.

As we approached Manta Point we passed some dive boats travelling in the opposite direction, the crews of which were shouting to us that there were no mantas to be found. Ismail, the captain just smiled and quietly said “ we will find them”.

True to his word almost an hour later we were greeted by 3 beautiful, magnificent mantas who glided around the boat as if waiting for us to join them. Mr snorkel man wasted no time in getting to them. I missed out being the wuss that I am who can snorkel as long as I’m able to stand up but wasn’t confident in deep water so chose to stay at the side of the boat dangling from the steps.

Steven, Tony and Eleanor were totally blown away by the Mantas, they said they swam towards them and on the last minute surfaced and did a ’high five’ as their huge wings touched their hands. The mantas were happy to ‘play’ for around 30-40 minutes before they left, no doubt in search of more new friends. I think the fact that the sea was so still made the experience more amazing.

Suitably towel dried and sun creamed up it was time for certain members of our gang to sleep. Not mentioning any names ‘Mr Incredible’ whose snoozing spot was picked out from the moment we boarded ! He could often be found horizontal across the luxurious padded leather seating at the bough ( back) in the shade, no doubt dreaming of his next fabulous photo opportunity. Pam however chose to sleep up front on the padded beds again in the shade, as if the hat itself wasn’t shade enough.

Eleanor, Tony, Steven and I passed the time sleeping, sunbathing, on the front area, reading drinking and chatting with the crew.

The delicious aroma of cooking followed by the sound of a ringing bell soon had everyone awake and hot footing it (in more ways than one as the decking was scorching) to the back of the boat where the table had been set for lunch.

The crew had even put a linen cloth up to act as a sun shade so that the sun didn’t shine on us whilst we were eating

Mmmmm where do I start in describing how delicious and just how much food we had. The dishes ranged from tasty homemade coleslaw , vegetable rice, chicken, beef goulash, the most orgasmic, yes orgasmic fish curry you could possibly imagine which had a creamy almost korma flavour with a kick of chilli, it was devoured by all and became a staple dish during the cruise. Fresh crusty bread, assorted salads, OMG I nearly forgot the cauliflower cheese but I think Pam and I ate all that, and not forgetting Pam’s favourite food Prawns !!

There was a ‘catch of the day fish’ and numerous other delights. I think I speak for all of us when I say that its hard to remember just exactly what there was it was just so fantastic.

For pudding there was fresh pineapple, oranges, jack fruit, melon and the piece de resistance, ice cream which was delicious with tiny bananas cut up. One day it was vanilla and the next chocolate !! It just so happened that there was a huge and I mean huge bunch of bananas tied to the line in the boat which we just helped ourselves to at any time.

Copious amounts of red or white wine was served with lunch, no one was allowed an empty glass be it juice or wine.

A cup of coffee or tea finished our delicious lunch off perfectly. Having seen the size of the galley kitchen I am in total awe at Mohamed’s ability to produce such an awesome feast in such a small area.

Our next port of call was a small sand bank which we had been told was ideal for snorkelling ….. What we cried, after all that food !!!??

We could see that there was already a houseboat at the sandbank and ensconced under an umbrella were 2 figures with a waiter hovering nearby… ooohhhh we thought who could this be, somebody famous ??

James and Tony took it in turns using James trusty binoculars to seek the identity of the celebrities. The only evidence we had was that the grey haired gentleman was considerably older than his very nubile, silicone enhanced blonde lunch date whose neck was obviously tastier than the food they were being served.

Shiham asked if we were ready to go and snorkel, we expressed our concern that we would be interrupting the couple but were told that as no one owns the sandbank or has any preference over it, it was open for anyone to use.

Snorkelled up and with towels in hand the small motor boat took us to conquer our island. It transpired that the couple (Italian we later found out) weren’t famous at all and decided to leave with faces as miserable as sin glaring at us English.

We wished them well which is more than they did to us, perhaps he was concerned that we knew his wife !!. The crew spoke to each other and it transpired that they had in fact finished their lunch and were preparing to leave as we arrived.

That sandbank is now fondly referred to as Silicone Island !!

The Gomafulhu remained moored there for the night

And after snorkelling and even more food in the form of afternoon tea which was a selection of Tuna and Cheese toasted sandwiches, chocolate and Madeira cake, fresh fruit, tea coffee and all the wine we could drink, it was time for night fishing.

If any of you have been night fishing you will know what I mean when I say you are given a reel of fishing line with a baited hook and left to your own devices, a crew member is always close by to help. The most surreal part was when a few bottles of champagne were popped to the sound of Brian Adams at volume 20 booming out over the ocean and we were the only boat for miles.

James was a virgin fisherman as was myself, unlike me though he caught several fish and was like a child with a new toy, Pam had to drag him away to get ready for dinner and all we could hear was James voice saying ’Aw just one more go’ !!.

Its quite quaint to hear the ringing of a bell signalling meal times, I felt like it was our boat and the crew belonged to us, well I suppose in a way they did for that trip anyway.

Dinner was another gourmet selection of delights, far too much for the 6 of us.

Once we had eaten and the crew ensured that we wanted for nothing, they then had their meal.

Our first evening was spent chatting, listening to music and relaxing with Shiham as our own personal barman. I think the fresh air had zonked us out, as 10pm approached there were 6 yawny people so we said our goodnights and went to bed. The gentle swaying of the boat and the cool air conditioned room soon had us all sleeping like babies

Steven and Tony had arranged to go fishing with Ibrahim and Mr Snorkel man at 5.30am the next morning to get the catch for the days curry.

Eleanor and I went up on deck to keep them company. We found that the table had already been laid and pots of tea and coffee and delicious fresh fruit were waiting for us. Refreshed and ready for action, the great white hunters departed, leaving Eleanor and I to watch the sunrise.

The small motor boat was used and went about 20 minutes away from where we were anchored. The fishing lines used on this occasion were similar to the ones used for night fishing but considerably stronger and thicker and there was only a large fly on the end rather than a piece of fish. The boys soon found out why??

Steven caught a large red snapper which he managed to reel in on his own onto the boat, which is more than can be said for the giant jack fish that Tony caught. It took 3 of them to reel it in with Ibrahim desperately trying to stop the boat from being towed by the fish.!! Once the fish was landed in the boat it was put head first into a large black utility bin rather like the ones at home, where it started to kick off and wanted to try to escape, Stevens concern was ‘ is it going to eat my snapper’?.

I don’t want to know and Steven hasn’t told me how it finally died, but when they returned about 2 hours later and showed us their blistered fingers I was glad I had chosen to stay on the Gomafulhu especially as around 10 minutes after the boys had left I was gazing out to sea and saw something bobbing up and under the water. Much to our delight, a baby turtle had decided to come and investigate what was going on, it only stayed a matter of 20-30 seconds before disappearing under the surface never to be seen again but what a cutie.

Day 2 , another day of beautiful sunshine and soaring temperatures saw us back at Manta Point where a few dive boats had beaten us to it. The water was even calmer and the troops wasted no time in donning snorkels and getting into the motor boat with our trusty leader, Mr Snorkel man.

Pam, James and I remained on the Gomafulhu where we climbed down the steps into the cool refreshing sea. James sat on the flat base and allowed us to use his feet to hold on to, he does have his uses. This is where we remained for around 40 minutes or so and where I discovered a new swimming technique purely by accident but I can see it being a hit on future cruises.

The Captain called to us to hold on as he was manoeuvring the boat slightly. Pam grabbed James and hung on for grim death whilst I got hold of the step rails. As the boat moved, my legs automatically went up behind me and I left go with one hand, arms outstretched and was slowly being towed by the boat. I called it ’ Titanicing’ so named after the position of Kate Winslet in the film of the same name whilst stood on the bough.

Steven returned saying that it was the best snorkelling he had ever done. Apparently Ibrahim who was in the motor boat had seen a group of Mantas a distance away from where all the other people were snorkelling, he had signalled quietly to Mr Snorkel man who alerted the troops by calling ‘ Meeru’ ( they were easy to spot as they all had repeat guest t shirts on!) had lead them to the Mantas. The troops just lay on the surface as if skydiving and were greeted by 5 or 6 huge mouths and wings when the Mantas swam under them.

Steven knows that your not supposed to touch these marvellous creatures but they didn’t seem to know that and were more than happy rise up and skim them with their wings. Breathtaking was a word that came to mind, also scared witless at one point when a huge gaping mouth approached Steven at a fast rate of knots only to find him trying to reverse thrust at the same rate.

Our route towards KagI Island (or Craggy island as we fondly know it) took us past the ‘One and Only Resort’ where the very rich and famous holiday. There was a person paragliding attached to the back of a very posh speedboat heading in our direction. It was a mad rush to see who could get to the binoculars first for another celebrity spot. We were to be let down again, it was one of the staff members testing out the equipment.

We visited our last sandbank for the trip where Eleanor and Tony went off again with Mr Snorkel man and the rest of us stayed on the sandbank chilling out An ice box full of non alcoholic drinks were left for us, yet another surreal memory was the 4 of us standing chest high in a walking aquarium in the middle of the Indian Ocean with the sun beating down on us and not a cloud in the sky, drinking ice cold bitter lemon looking round and seeing no one It was an incredible moment for me and when at one point we were all totally silent , I watched the others who like me also seemed lost in their own thoughts. Mesmerising.

We had been told by the crew that they had organised a special event that evening , it was something that occurred on all the cruises and not just particular to ours.

They also hinted that there would be even more food !!! Under those circumstances we all did our best to persuade the chef not to cook such a fantastic feast at lunch time and we even opted out of our cheese and Tuna toasties for afternoon tea. Shiham however still made sure to ask each of us in turn if we really didn’t want them and checked that everything was ok.

We anchored at KagI Island and as the sun was setting, night fishing commenced, with Brian Adams and ice cold Champagne on hand I caught my first and I must admit my last fish.

I was more than happy when Shiham said that we had enough fish for the remainder of the cruise and to throw my beautiful big bright yellow surgeon fish back into the sea .

Tony actually caught the same unlucky barracuda fish twice within minutes !!

Pam was the only one who didn’t partake of the fishing, choosing to snooze on the padded beds nearby, the only time there was any sign of life was if someone mentioned champagne or prawns !!

All evening the crew had taken it in turns to go back and forth to KagI island taking various items of all shapes and sizes with them and bringing small bags back with them, mmmm very suspicious..

James was his usual ‘hamster on acid ‘ waiting for the fish to bite and changed locations on the boat more times than I can remember, he was so funny. Eleanor’s cool chilled out approached simply charmed the fish onto the line.

Steven wasn’t impressed that I had caught a biggy and he hadn’t had a bite as yet, Shiham unbeknown to us and sensing his frustration attached an empty champagne bottle to his line and threw it over. We all ran to help when he shouted that Steven had caught a huge fish that was fighting to get away and fell about laughing when he brought in the bottle. The crew thought it was hilarious.

One by one we went to get ready for dinner leaving just Steven Tony and the Captain on deck. It was at this time that Steven caught his shark !! Yup a real live shark and no one had a camera. The captain however did verify this and the size which was around 3 ½ feet long (we all know how men like to exaggerate), as its illegal to catch sharks and not release them Ismail , the Captain wasted no time in cutting the line and letting it go back to the deep.

It was a really warm night and deciding what was the least amount of clothes I could get away with wearing without showing too much of my ever increasing size due to the scrummy food so far was a hard decision to make.

When it was time for dinner we were taken in the little power boat across to KagI Island which appeared to be pitch dark. However, as we got closer we could see candles lighting up a pathway from the sea along the beach to where a table had been beautifully set with fresh flowers and leaves.

Around the table were fairy lights which stood 3 feet tall and were twisted round handmade hearts made from branches, when they lit up it was magical.

It was more than we could have expected, all of these items had been crafted by hand, no nipping to the shops and making do when they didn’t have what was needed.

The crew had spent the best part of the day creating this just for the 6 of us. Not only that but the area where the food was displayed was made to look like an aquarium, fish had been handmade from palm leaves and hung from the roof, lights were covered with long grasses to form a lampshade and plants had been formed from leaves to create centre pieces. It was breathtaking.

A Bbq was set up nearby and the aroma of spicy chicken wafted in the air.

A champagne toast was given to absent friends Maggie and Edd and Alan and Joyce and we toasted their health. The food was as expected an array of the most scrumptious, mouth watering, both spicy and sweet, hot and cold buffet food imaginable. Imagine the best meal you have ever eaten … then triple that taste. A huge plate of prawns were soon Pammed and when we were all full to the gunnels and hardly able to get up we were told it was time for dancing !!

Two men who originate from Bangladesh live on KagI Island, keeping it clean and in tact for visitors like ourselves, and they do an excellent job. At one point us girlies needed the toilet so it was down to Shiham with the aid of is torch to lead the three of us ( we always go together) thru the undergrowth to the ladies. We were a bit shocked to find a sign with the word’ toilets’ attached to a tree and looked at each other in horror at the thought of squatting right there. Shiham giggled and continued walking much to our relief to I have to say some of the cleanest fragrant smelling toilets I have ever seen.

On our return the crew and the ’locals’ got out the drums and started to sing and play.

By this time we had eaten and no doubt drunk our own body weight and were ready to party. Dancing on sand is not the easiest of tasks , especially when you’re a bit blibbly and hot, it was an absolute hoot .

The captain earned his ‘Mr robot man’ title here, it seems that the 90’s have just hit meeru music wise and Ismail was a worthy adversary for the dancers of that time with his robot dancing he had us all joining in and singing even though we had no idea what it was !!.

When it came to our turn to play the drums, Eleanor and I were hot off our seats, I thought it would be easy just to tap away and create a tune , ha ha no its not I can assure you , we were the most unmusical people in the universe! It was down to Tony to show us how it was done.

I personally think he had been having lessons before he came as he knew that this is what happens on these cruises having done one before because he was fab, in tune and everything .

The crew had told us to stay on the island until 11.30pm and more importantly to keep James awake, which isn’t an easy task I have to tell you. The reason being that it was James Birthday the following day and known to everyone other than James and Pam, the crew had arranged a surprise for him on our return to the Gomafulhu.

After much dancing, drinking, eating and feeding the island cats it was sadly time to leave KagI. We said our goodbyes to the Locals and thanked everyone for a fantastic night.

As we boarded the Gomafuhu we were all told to wash our feet with the hose at the bough. All that was except Steven who was whisked away to the back. A table had been set with more champagne and a fantastic chocolate birthday cake with ’ happy Birthday James’ written on it . Once midnight came we all sang Happy Birthday and toasted our good friend.

We insisted that the crew join us for cake which was totally scrummy, so much so that I had 2 huge pieces .. But then again so did a few of us, honest.

When Steven and Tony arranged to go fishing again at 5.30am the next morning we decided it was time for bed.

James and Pam went to their cabin where the crew had decorated the bed, similar to the way the room boy does on Meeru. Flowers and leaves had been brought from KagI in the bags that we had seen earlier that day and it had been done whilst we were on the island enjoying ourselves. I have to be honest it was a very emotional moment watching James’s face as he realised what a treat he had had. It was the perfect end to a perfect day.

True to form, the boys got up albeit bleary eyed for fishing. Steven had been awake at 5am and had got dressed and ventured up on deck before anyone else was awake. I was woken to my name being whispered thru the sliding window.

Steven had spotted something on deck. I joined him, literally everyone including the crew were asleep and the first signs of dawn were showing. It was eerily silent apart from a blowing of air sound and when we looked closely we saw 4 dolphins swimming round the boat, dappling in and out of the water pushing air thru their breathing hole. Another surreal, wonderful memory.

My bed was calling as I wished Steven, Tony, Ibrahim and Mr. Snorkel man farewell, but not for long as I was awoken by Eleanor banging on the door telling me breakfast was ready, God she’s got a knock like a debt collector !.

Steven returned from fishing with the story of the ‘one that got away’ according to the crew Steven had a huge fish on his line so huge in fact that it had managed to escape by eating the fly, and half the line, not to mention ripping the line into Stevens hand. He was given a smaller thinner line after that !!

Another glorious day and our last on the cruise. We were all a little subdued as we started for Meeru , it wasn’t till we got talking that we realised we had in fact got another week to go on the island before home. Even though our fantastic cruise was coming to an end we still had loads of time left.

We reached Meeru around 10.30am 4th April , it’s a wonderful sight made even easier to spot with the aid of the Asian Wok. It was hard to leave the crew behind , we felt we knew them well and it was like saying goodbye to friends. Just to show how hard working the crew are , the boat had to be re stocked and cleaned as it was due for another cruise leaving at 1pm that day.

I’ve tried several times to condense this report but I can’t. Writing it has brought back so many wonderful memories that I have been reduced to tears twice and laughter 3 times . I’m sorry if you think I’ve waffled on, I probably have but I make no apologies for that.

I cant recommend this trip highly enough, there are no ulterior motives, only friends.

There is no hidden agenda, simply enjoyment, and as if that isn’t enough, its free.
But don’t take my word for it …. Try it and see.

Pamela x

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PostPosted: Mon Apr 20, 2009 8:53 pm Reply with quote
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Brilliant cruise report Pamela, the boat looks really beautiful, and what great time you all had.

Hope we are lucky enough to grab a chance next Feb?

Love Joyce & Alan xx

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PostPosted: Mon Apr 20, 2009 8:59 pm Reply with quote
Steve from Durham
Site Admin
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Location: Lancashire.
Still have a shed load of piccies to put on....will do this tomorrow for her lady ship Wink

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PostPosted: Mon Apr 20, 2009 9:03 pm Reply with quote
Ang & Jeff
Joined: 23 Mar 2005
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Location: Plymouth
Fantastic report Pamela

Brings back all the memories from last year Very Happy it was certainly the highlight of our holiday (we managed to do it twice)

Here's hoping we get the chance again this July to do this amazing trip.

Jeff & Ang
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PostPosted: Mon Apr 20, 2009 9:17 pm Reply with quote
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Location: Sligo, Ireland
Now I understand why so many people rave about the cruise!

Thank you so much for taking the time to write this fantastic report.

I'm not sure that we will be offered the cruise this time as we are staying in Land Villas but I'll ensure my 5 other companions read this just in case!!

Thank you.



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PostPosted: Mon Apr 20, 2009 9:20 pm Reply with quote
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alan.yates wrote:
Brilliant cruise report Pamela, the boat looks really beautiful, and what great time you all had.

Hope we are lucky enough to grab a chance next Feb?

Love Joyce & Alan xx

I really do hope so Alan, you and Joyce would love it , fingers crossed

Pamela x

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PostPosted: Mon Apr 20, 2009 9:23 pm Reply with quote
Mark Jones
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Brilliant, Brilliant, Brilliant.

You have no idea how many happy memories that brought back.

The cruise...... Good ain't it!!

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PostPosted: Mon Apr 20, 2009 9:29 pm Reply with quote
Mike C

That's a fantastic report Pamela, thanks so much for taking the time.

We've never been in a position to do the cruise in our previous five visits, but when we return in just under a couple of months we'll be on the prowl around reception just in case the chance comes up.

Thanks again

Julie and Mike
PostPosted: Mon Apr 20, 2009 9:40 pm Reply with quote
helen m
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Location: Liverpool
Pamela that was a fabulous report-brought all the memories back of our trip in March.Thanks so much for taking the time to share your experiences.
Just hope it will be an option for us next year!


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PostPosted: Mon Apr 20, 2009 10:55 pm Reply with quote
Joined: 10 Feb 2009
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What an absolutely brilliant and so comprehensive report... I actually felt quite emotional reading about the night on Kagi island and just imaging it, and I've never even been to the Maldives!

I really hope that we get the opportunity to go when we visit next year - it sounds like the experience of a lifetime. Thanks for sharing! Very Happy


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PostPosted: Tue Apr 21, 2009 1:48 am Reply with quote
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Superb report, this might just get Lynda to try the 3 day cruise next April.
Looking forward to seeing the rest of your pictures.

Gary & Lynda

It's better to be mad and know it, than to be sane and have one's doubts!!!

It's better to be mad and know it, than to be sane and have one's doubt's!!!


We have been back to Meeru...
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PostPosted: Tue Apr 21, 2009 6:39 am Reply with quote
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Well done Pam, a wonderful report on a fantastic trip which made all the memories come floodinig back.

We had a fabulous cruise with a lovely crew - so attentive - nothing was too much trouble. You really don't even open your own bottle of water, everything is done for you. We had lots of laughs - not least about us ladies trying to get back on the boat using the step ladder into the sea. Suffice to say that 3 curvy ladies would never have managed to climb back onto the boat without the aid of a man with a stout heart and strong arms who just had to grab a handful of what he could and push!

Loved the pics - Tony has sent some more to you by post. Thanks for the wonderful company to you and Steve, HJ and Pam and 'Cheers' to our sterling crew. It was certainly a trip to remember and we would thouroughly reccomend it to all. Let's do it again!

Eleanor and Tony XXX

Take only memories, leave only footprints in the sand

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PostPosted: Tue Apr 21, 2009 6:57 am Reply with quote
Lee Frankham
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Dear Pamela

Thank you very much for taking the time to write this wonderfull report.

Reading it made me feel I was there. It certainly made up our minds about going if offered.

I can sometimes suffer from sea sickness was there much rocking (Not to the music Laughing)?

Lee & Shell


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PostPosted: Tue Apr 21, 2009 7:14 am Reply with quote
Steve from Durham
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Lee Frankham wrote:
Dear Pamela

Thank you very much for taking the time to write this wonderfull report.

Reading it made me feel I was there. It certainly made up our minds about going if offered.

I can sometimes suffer from sea sickness was there much rocking (Not to the music Laughing)?

Lee & Shell

Hi Lee and Shell

Hand on heart when I say there was no rocking whatsoever , just a gentle sway . Steven isn't the best sailor which is why we do the sea plane transfer rather than the boat and he didnt even notice the boat swaying.

It was lovely being gently swayed to sleep .. or was that the gin !! Very Happy

If in any doubt a couple of sea sickness tablets should do the trick.

Pamela x

ooppps sorry just realised Steven is still signed in Rolling Eyes
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PostPosted: Tue Apr 21, 2009 7:37 am Reply with quote
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Pamela. Thanks for an absolute stunning review, this brings back memories of the trip we took back in 2007.

Looking forward to more pictures .

Alan & Marian


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